Considering Identity Movements In Terms Of Field Essay


Discuss about the Considering identity movements in terms of field.


The ‘habitus’ is the central concept in the sociological concept of Bourdieau (Husu, 2013). It refers to the ensemble of the schemata of feeling, thinking, perception, speaking, evaluation, practical manifestation and the utterances of a person. It is mainly acquired during the primary and the secondary socialization. The primary ‘habitus’ is quite stable. The perception depends on the education and the parent’s social position (Husu, 2013). It is more about internalizing the external as the mode of thinking of the parents. It affects my chosen career as I have been working as a retail manager in a retail store. The job requires excellent communication with the clients and the peers.

While working in the floor they have to be in constant contact with the staffs and the customers. They are the one who are responsible, so that the staffs deliver appropriate customer care service. The mangers need leadership qualities to get the work done and motivate the workers (Inkson et al., 2014). I believe that my primary "habitus" of interacting with people and my life experience can help me out to proceed in this career. As said by Bourdieau, ‘habitus’ helps a person to cope up with the ever-changing and the unforeseen situations.

The daily life of people is determined by infinite number of interactions, conflicts and negotiations. According to Bourdieu the social field is divided into various arenas or spaces such as religion, education, art, law and more (Fligstein & McAdam, 2015). Each of these arenas has their different state of rules and capital forms. The fields are autonomous from each other and they can also overlap like education and religion can overlap in religiously based colleges (Vilhj?lmsd?ttir & Arnkelsson, 2013). My field of career is related to bachelor of business which is again related to finance, management and law. The discipline is autonomous in its respect. The capital field of my education is related to bachelor of business degree; hence my career would entirely focus on business management and finance.

I have already stated that I want to choose my career as retail manager that involves involvement with the customers, catering to their needs, looking after the company turnover and to the overall growth of the store. The entire duty of a store lies upon the retail manager. There are several traits and abilities that age genetically inherited. From various physical attributes and psychological temperaments that it is often realized that we are from parents. Generally there are two perspectives on inheritance. Firstly it acts through the sociological factors, how the external environment affects us. Secondly it can occur by the psychological factors. My family’s inheritance to a particular type of job has affected me and my job. Just like my working parents I love to interact with people and take responsibilities and this is what I think suits my choice of career perfectly. Sociologist Ken Roberts have expressed in his opportunity structure theory that it is the sociological factors that can pre-determine the occupational choices (Inkson et al., 2014). It is where we live, what qualifications we have, our family background and our gender that affects our choice of job


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