Connecting the dots: blockchain based voting for 2020 us election? Essay

The past week the EOS Telegram channels has been filled with countless clues from Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer, about the coming releases of Block One. One of them being:Below I explain my prediction on their coming product.I think it's quite clear that Block One's BIG announcement isn't going to be their crypto wallet, or MEOS. Yes, they will obviously come out with a wallet, but I don’t think it will ONLY be a wallet. Also, I don't think their social platform will be THE big announcement. It will be one of few surprises ("There are a few"), but not the big one. Dan even confirmed the wallet code would already be released prior to June: It becomes more and more clear, the wallet or MEOS software is not THE BIG announcement, something else is. But what?More and more small hints were dripping in slowly the past days:Then, finally, Zack from Everything EOS put the pieces together..... That is, ALMOST ....(Shout out to Zack btw, great work!)Brendan and his team moving to Washington DC, Mick Mulvany being a blockchain enthousiast. But one piece of the puzzle is still missing: Block One's product.Now, to come to my predictionConnecting the dots: Blockchain votingIn January 2019 the Italian government passed a new bill (link) regarding validation of legal documents using blockchain. “a favorable use case for blockchain is its application in online voting” .... "the M5S party is currently looking for researchers able to prove the efficacy of blockchain for voting".From this moment on, I suspected Block one might be developing something in this direction as well and my eyes and ears were open regarding the subject of blockchain based voting.After looking around a some more online for blockchain projects that included online voting, I found the website of a company called “Follow My vote” founded by Adam Kaleb Ernest and Nathan Hourt on the 4th of July 2012. The company is based in ... Blacksburg VA!Then I find that they own a pending pattent. And last but not least ... one of the 3 owners of this patent is: Mister Bytemaster himself! Below the abstract of the patent:"Blockchain electronic voting system and methodWe provide a block-chain electronic election system comprising: an election admin client configured to administer an election; a voting client configured to electronically provide data for voter eligibility and voter decisions for one or more contests in the election; a voter identifier server configured to confirm or deny voter eligibility for submitting the voter decisions in the election; a registrar server configured to employ an automated process for disassociating personal identification information provided by the voter client from a public voter key; a blinded token for use in a voter registration process; and a block chain database configured to store election contest data and the voter decisions on the election contests, the voter decisions are cryptographically signed with the public voter key disassociated from the personal identification information provided by the voter client."Now again read a couple of tweets Dan made the past days:And one of Brendan Blumer's tweet earlier this year:Everybody wants to talk with Block One. Why ? Probably because they own (part of) the patent for a secure method of blockchain electronic voting. My hunch is this is the big subject everybody in DC wants to talk about and what will blow away the community in June. The US government HAS to go through the bytemaster himself if they ever want to implement a system like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if the US was not the only country Block One were talking to, like Italy as well.Think about it. Trump's best move ever will be to make voting honest and transparent, without giving away the people's privacy (which is part of this patent, it uses a blinded token). That will put him in the history books (or history chains) for ever.Oh and regarding Cardano... The party will be over after the 3rd of november 2020.Disclaimer: Maybe I have been living under a rock since the end of 2017, but I have not once seen a post regarding this patent, nor about Dan's affiliation with Follow My Vote in my 1000+ of hours of reddit, youtube and telegram the last year. Even though the info is out there in plain sight. I could be way off here, but my gut says i've connected some dots in the right direction.Lets's see what June brings, beside the obvious surprises. The Block One team still has my confidence and enthousiasm!Go EOS!

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