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Discuss about the Condensed Reality for Study of Material Culture.



The Morobe show has it history from 1959. The show has grown for the past two decade to reach attendance of more than 100000people. It has also earned a financial success for years as the show became commercialized with increased number of sponsors. Number of events in the show has increased over the years that have made it interesting and attracting more and more tourists. In the past two decades, M. Quinn ML and P. Franklin have been the presidents of the show taking 22 years and to present respectively (Sykes, & Kamene, 2001).

The Morobe show has for the years conserved the traditions and cultures of Papua New Guinea. The event that started with few events majorly on agriculture has incorporated other event that has enriched the show. The transaction in leadership and creation of life president has seen continuity of the society culture of being conservative.

The Morobe show had the best financial results in the year 1997. This was as a result of upgrading fencing and ticket selling. It was also enhanced with entertainment and displays. It is during this time that the show had introduced Ferris wheel that contributed to more attraction. In 2000, the show introduced Morobe show Queen (Rannells & Mimi, 2005). This was contest to promote New Guinea Culture.

However, the show has been canceled once in the past 20years due to 2009 cholera outbreak. The show was also adversely affected by New York booming in 2001. The show also gets affected by adverse weather leading to low financial returns.

The Show has for years relied on sponsorship from both national and international companies. The show experienced it highest level of sponsorship in 2007. These sponsors included Coca Cola, Trukai Industries and Ramu Agri-industries (Bourke, & Harwood, 2009).

Analysis of the Event

The Morobe Show is the biggest and most famous every year event in Papua New Guinea. The show was started in 1959 and 2016 marked their 55th Show in Lae Showground (Keurs, 2006). The event president is P. Franklin MBE how has held the position for the past two years. The Morobe Show is held in Lae Showground. The show has over the years evolved to attract the international community making it a financial success event for sponsors as a result of commercialization and popularity. The event is held on October weekend close to the moon. The main showcases are agriculture, commercial and culture. The show has attractive entertainment in fairground rides, daredevil bike ride and traditional dances. The show is organized and coordinated by Morobe Province Agricultural Society. The Show website is

The Morobe show is sponsored by Grand Champion, Coca Cola Amatil, Blue Ribbon, Trukai and Ramu industries. These sponsors contributed K50000 for the Morobe event 2016.

Growth of Morobe Show

The event has grown for years with attendance reaching to an average of 100000people in the past five years. The show increased participates to more than 1000 in the past on decade with improved quality. There has been an also increased group as from 2007 that have attracted more tourists in the event. They stand at 58 representing the top performing groups in PNG and Australia. The number of events has also increased with entertainment taking a central part in the Show. Several games have been introduced and enhanced to increase participation and entertainment to the show. The number of sponsors in the event has increased to take advantage of the growing event that has become popular in the country (Prideaux et al, 2006). This has led to companies operating in PNG promoting their products in the event and recording good results.

Marketing of Morobe Show

The event has been marketed in different websites to persuade and inform attendance of the Show. The organization has majorly invested in internet marketing to reach a large audience both locally and internationally. Morobe Show uses Trans Niugini Tours and Papua New Guinea Travels. The websites used for marketing are updated with detailed information about the event that creates expectations to the potential attendance. These websites are touring websites that visited my tourists visiting PNG. Since these websites are mostly visited by tourist providing them with information on the upcoming interesting events in the province enables them to schedule visit to the show. This helps the tourist to easily access information and they are facilitated to attend the event by the touring companies. These touring websites are integrated to offer full hospitality to tourist enabling them to move around and have the best visits in the country (Keurs, 2006). The marketing strategy exercised by Morobe Show is appropriate for the event because it connects the tourists to the event. The websites offer a worldwide advertisement of the event reaching more audience around the world. This encourages both international audiences and participants to the event. From this marketing of Morobe Show, it recommendable that the organizers of the event prepare a video advertisement to be displayed in these websites instead of just words. This is because videos showing past event are more likely to create anxious to attend the event than reading. The marketers of the show should also consider extending marketing in the catering websites. These catering websites are also highly attended by tourist and engagement in a cultural event would create an admirable associate.


Papua New Guinea is rich in culture and has several events running in the country throughout the year. These events include the following; Mt Hagen Cultural Sow that is to be held in Mt Hagen, Morobe Yam Festival to be held in Lae and Zumin pottery Exhibitions also in Lae (May, 2004). These events are schedules to reoccur every year though different dates with Morobe Show. These competitors are different from Morobe Show because they have specialized in different set of events. For instance, Mt Hagen Cultural Show has in depth cultural showcase that bring together different tribal participants in the region creating a large number of following. These competing events compete for attendance that earns return to sponsors and organizers. However, Morobe Show is rated as the best among the showcase events in PNG for it different events taking place simultaneously and popularity among PNG and Australia.

Event Lifecycle of Morobe Show

The Morobe Show is a recurring event that happens every year. The event is in the maturity stage citing it development for the past one decade. The Morobe show has been on an upward graph for the past two decades will increase events and attendances. The Show reached its peak on 2008 with 105000 people that have later stagnated at 100000 people with little variation. It therefore the job of the organizers of Morobe Show to keep the event attracting more and more attendances to maintain an upward graph. According to event lifecycle, the Morobe Show is at the peak with large participants and attendances. The growth of attendance is at a slow rate as compared to two decades ago (Mckinnon et al, 2008). This stage in the event lifecycle indicate that if the does not enhance it marketing strategies it can start declining in terms of events and attendances. Therefore, the organizers should strategize on meeting standards and making the show more interesting by adding events and marketing widely to receive more attendances.

Recommendation to Coca Cola Company

Coca cola has sponsored Morobe Show since 2007. The Coca cola Company made K60000 to the event facilitating the event to greater height. It is from these facilitations that the event has been able to reach more potential attendances resulting to an increase by 8% in 2008 Show (Stanley, 2007). The Show has in the recent past attained recognition in PNG and Australia making it a good avenue for product promotion. Since the show is associated with promotions, it recommendable for Coca Cola company to continue and increase its sponsorship in the event. Also, the event is continuously attaining popularity in the international society thereby creating room for more audience. Therefore, sponsorship of Coke Company to Morobe Show will assist the company to promote it brand in PNG.


From the discussion in this report, it clear that the event under study is most famous in PNG and is gaining popularity with time. The Morobe Show has evolved to be an attractive event for both local and international society. In the recent decade, the event has also been commercialize and grown to be popularized as a promotion avenue. It is therefore recommendable for companies wishing to promote their brand or product to sponsor the event for there is prospects for return due to large following of the event.


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