Concept Of Emotional Intelligence& Personality Essay


Discuss about the Concept of Emotional Intelligence and Personality.


Emotional intelligence

Human beings are made in such a way that they are able to understand feelings and emotions. Emotional intelligence of an individual helps them to understand the feelings and emotions of other persons in an organization. Emotional intelligence helps an individual to communicate with the other employees in the organization so that they can increase their level of productivity. This will help to develop a relationship with the other employees and improve the value of life lead by one person. Emotional intelligence is a key factor for sustainability of an individual in an organizational setup. There are six strategies that are required, which will help an individual to improve their level of emotional intelligence. These six strategies are self-awareness, optimism, flexibility, problem solving, social skills, control over emotions and teamwork. These skills will help an individual to maintain their sustainability in an organization. There are eight important factors, which will help an organization to make improvements in the social and emotional skills in a workplace. These skills are change catalyst, building bonds, communication, influence, conflict management, developing others, teamwork, leadership and collaboration. These skills can be used by the higher ups in the organization to make sure that they increase the level of their productivity. Emotional intelligence helps to make changes to the work force environment, which in turn helps in the improvement of the level of motivation among the employees. The workload in any corporate organization will be high and the level of stress they have to go through is very high. Thus, it is essential for the employees to have high level of emotional intelligence that will help them to handle the level of stress associated with the organization.


Personality in an organization will define the cultural values and motives of an organization. The companies always try to access the personality type of an individual before they hire any new employee. It is important for an organization that the personalities of the individuals working are in synchronization with the overall culture and values of an organization. The personality of an individual will affect their behaviour and it will reflect upon the behaviour of an individual in an organization. The behaviour of any individual is defined by the personality traits they possess and for example if any individual is shy he is level of social interaction will be low and similarly by analyzing the behaviour of any person the personality traits can be found out. The personality traits will define the direction in which the organization is trying to move as it defines the organizational culture and the work force in an organization. The generation of revenue and increase in the productivity of an organization will be dependent on the personality that the organization is trying to establish. Thus, it is very important for an organization to analyze the personality of the employees they hire so that they able to contribute the values and morals the organization is trying to create.

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