Computer System For AMP Bank Ltd- Essay


Propose a suitable computer system for an organization of your choice. You may propose a mainframe, supercomputer, cluster, client-server or any other system depending on the requirements and budget limitations of the organization. The proposed system should be complex enough and approved by lecturer at the proposal stage. In the final report and class presentation you have to explain the reasons for your choice and hardware, software, and networking specifications with an approximate cost analysis.


Introduction to Computer Systems

Mainframe computers have been playing a vital role in regular operations in most of largest corporations. It occupies a coveted place in the current e-business scenario.

A mainframe is selected in the following study. For this, AMP Bank Ltd, Australia is chosen as the case study. It includes the requirements and limitations of budgets of the bank.

Proposing suitable computer system for AMP Bank Ltd:

The hardware components of mainframe possess high self-recovery and self-checking capabilities. The reliability is the outcomes of its extensive testing and capability of making fast updates for identified problems. A speed of mainframe helps in instant response towards investment capital management, credit card usage and ATM operations [1]. Further mainframes have been providing the classic resource regarding their various current challenges. It has been a dedicated lump of processing power that has been handling the reliability of dynamic scenarios. System backup strategy of a mainframe is fine-grained and comprehensive. The disaster recovery plan of mainframe assures the responses towards any disaster and other emergencies affecting information system and minimizing the impact on the business operation. Moreover, the mainframe uses a grid computing effort which includes the mainframe on improved grid robustness. It introduces the applications that are mission-critical to the grid [2]. Thus controlling the usage peaks and decreasing caps comprises a large effect on the expenses instead of reducing services. Further, a mainframe is cost-effective as its usage is turning spikier and lesser predictable.

Moreover, it provides data of various kind of analysis from the insights of investment towards trends of consumer banking. As per as security is concerned mainframe offers effective network protection. This is because the bank needs ways to defend the customer data against different cyber theft and hackers. None of the compute-clustering technologies have been matching the ability to tolerate both the software with hardware outages. It has also included the upgrades instead of placing any closed impression on ATM [3].

Type of the computer system proposed a real time single purpose computer system to control the aircraft:

Regarding control of airplanes, the embedded system is a real time single-purpose computer system. This comprises of skills sets touching the electrical and mechanical engineering along with computer system and control system [4]. For aerodynamics, there are some computers programs that are needed to be evaluated for different aerofoil sections. These come under the digital or virtual wind tunnels or evaluation software or airfoil design. They are Java Foil and XFLR5. Hardware of autopilot differs from various implementations. Various autopilots use design diversities. The critical features of software never separate computers and possibly use distinct architectures. However, every computer runs software developed by multiple engineering teams. They are programmed in various programming. As airspace management has been transcending to the computer age, new requirements have been evolving [5]. The aircrafts need to be well equipped by communication technologies. These must transport data through satellite plus since they have been on the ground. Moreover, the different communication and various broadband networks or distinct broadcast strategic information that are related aircraft situations also must go via high maintenance. For entertainment system, some room is required in order to be made. Some storage must free up. There must be public library affiliated with the OverDrive service [6]. This would help the passengers to download those applications, borrow books and audio books free of cost.

Thus the study shows the benefits of computers in saving money for different activities of a business. They also help businessman in keeping time. They allow in the higher interaction among the customers, clients, agencies and employees. The productivity of the workers even gets developed via computers. Business owners turn out to be more professional and also more significant through using the most suitable computer systems.


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