Computer Science: Information And Communication Essay


Discuss about the Computer Science for Information and Communication.


Free software is a software that provides freedom to a user for sharing, modifying the software. As commented by Jovic, Brkic & Bogunovic (2014), there is various political and ethical consideration for using free software. The different new software is releasing their free version of the software in the market to understand the feedback of the software from the users. On the other hand, Commons (2015) argued that the use of the free software can cause the threat to the society over the Internet. Many malicious users can use the free version of the software in order to perform malicious activities over the internet. The risk and threats related to the security of the data and information over the internet increases. As suggested by Wiesmann et al., (2015), the use of the free software helps in accessing many facilities provided by different software. The new software release requires free software access that helps in testing the review of the software in the market. The gaps and loopholes in the new software are identified with the help of the free use by the users. As suggested by Kirschner (2016), after the successful implementation of the new software among the users, the company might ask or license and copyright of the new software. This provides total control of the software and user can change and modify the software on their own. The legal procedures are followed by the company of the software. Therefore, the use of the free software is beneficial for the users although it creates threats for the users over the internet.

The ethical issues included in this process are the legal to use of the free software and copyright asked by the respective company. The copyright is asked by the company to minimize the illegal use of the free software provided by them. The agreement between the user and the company have to be validated under various terms and conditions. This help in maintaining the legal procedures for the use of the software. A software copyright is an exclusive legal right for controlling and modifying the work of a software. Copyright holders help in copying and modifying the software and provide permission regarding the use of the software by any users. As commented by Jovic, Brkic & Bogunovic (2014), General Public License (GPL) is used during licensing of a software. The GPL helps in providing authenticity to the person to use the software of his or her own. The ethical use of the software is depended on the legal procedures provided by the company.


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