Competition Essay

We all live in a society where we see different kinds of competition everywhere. We used to see competition on tv, in sports, between students in school, between parents and also between siblings. We all say that we compete daily is a understatement. Why are so many of us people against competition when it is so beneficially in many ways? in this speech I am going to focus on why competition is not negative and why it is something we need in our lives.

Competition helps everybody stay motivated. If a person is involved in a sport team can not improve or get better if the person is not motivated in some way. Our rivals force us to get more better and better and always be one step ahead. They also put the pressure on us to raise our own expectations. This is what competition do to us. By help of competition you learn the differences between where you are now and where you want to be when you know what you deserve. Without competition it would be impossible to get better and know what you deserve.

We all know that competition is a big part of development. If competition did not existed in the world, we would not be able to live in a development society. Without competition everyone would be equal and it sounds pretty good until we discuss about terms of jobs. Everybody would have the same job and get paid regardless which occupation they have. A housecleaner would get paid as a lawyer and etc. This could lead us to be a unmotivated and lazy population. A world with all human being winners would never ever survive.

Although many people believe that competition divide humanity and cooperation among us. According to me it is pretty ignorant said because first off all the reason why people compete from the beginning is to come together and achieve their goals and it has nothing to do with that they do not like competition. Second of all take a footballs team for example, they come together to win over the other team. For cooperation to unite us people we need to have a common enemy and to find a common enemy that is not human is very difficult.

Lastly I want to point out that competition disadvantages but the advantages weighs so much more which makes me not think about the cons. Competition motivate us to reach all of our goals and also get better in both social and individual level.

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