Competency Demonstration Report: Security Systems Essay


Discuss about the Competency Demonstration Report for Security Systems.


Project Background

Characteristics of the project

Security systems in cars are getting advanced yet, the security systems could be breached by the thieves who are well equipped with technology. For them it just a trick but the users having cars faces many problems due to such intrusion that might affect the individual in all aspects. Our team decided to design a security system for the cars that could be controlled remotely and a system that could be helpful in ensuring the high-level security for the cars with additional features. We have designed the security system that can enable a two-way communication between the owner of the car and the alarm system implemented in the car. This project will be able to notify the owner whenever, intrusion is detected and allows the owner to control the cars remotely. I have implemented GSM positioning in manner to detect the location of the cars for the situations if the cars have been stolen or moved to other place.

Objectives developed for the project

In manner to develop an efficient and effective system, I had developed objectives related to the development of the system, which can enable high security for the cars. Following are the list of objectives:

  • To develop a security system for the cars
  • To enable the users to be notified whenever car shifted from its place.
  • To embed mobile control security system for the cars
  • To implement an alarm system with two-way communication between the car and users

My area of work

I had organized the memory allocation and development tools for decoding the signal transmission and receiving from the microcontroller. I had implemented PIC16C57 memory into the data memory and program memory and for the devices having more than 512 bytes of program memory, paging scheme had been used. I had used two STATUS register bits for accessing the pages of the program memory. I had used the banking scheme for the devices needing more than 32 registers of the memory register files. I had used the short message service in place of the DTMF technique because of its flexibility in nature. I had tried to keep the project cheap and highly secured in manner to assure the popularity that will be gained among the consumers.

Figure 1: Program Memory Map and Stacks

I had implemented various types of software and hardware development tools as following:

  • ICEPIC Low-Cost In-Circuit Emulator
  • PICMASTER In-Circuit Emulator
  • MPLAB Integrated Development Software
  • MPASM Assembler
  • PRO MATE II Universal Programmer

Project Group

My responsibilities throughout the project

I was responsible for managing the whole team and motivating the whole team to a respective goal of delivering the successful project. I had purchased all the components and implemented them within the project. I had selected cheaper components in manner to manage the budget of the project. I was responsible for delivering all the objectives of my area work that includes memory allocations, and software and hardware development tools for the signal transmission. I had ensured that the range of the signal should be wider and the user’s mobile phone will be receiving without any interference and thus I had used tools stated in the above section. All the components of the project need to be re-evaluated thus, I had thoroughly examined after the completion of the project.

Distinctive Activity

Comprehending the theory of the project

I had used PIC, as it is a low current device that can be operated at less than 2mA with the clock oscillator speed of approximately 4Mhz, at lower speed 32 KHz the device will be drawing 15uA. I had implemented PIC16C57 because of its cheap nature and high performance with the 8-bit, CMOS microcontroller based on EPROM/ROM that will be performing the action related to the signal transmission, and signal coding and decoding. The user will be able to receive signals after installing a transceiver that will be operating in conjunction with the alarm system of the cars. I had embedded the MCCS in manner to offer advance feature in manner to push notifications whenever, intrusion had been detected and activate the alarm of the car and disarm or arm the vehicle if the intrusion is responded by the user as a threat. The short message service will be helpful in ensuring that the user will be notified to his or her mobile device.

Engineering knowledge and skills applied in the project

I had practically implemented my engineering skills and knowledge under the implementation of signal transmission and tools consideration for the project. I had chosen MCCS hardware system and firmware in manner to allow the users to control the alarm system through remote transmitter and user will be able to disarm or arm as per the nature of the threat. I had used MCCS, as the GSM network can detect it through the mobile device and it will be helpful in getting notification related to the location of the car. This will enable the user to be notified when the car is lost or theft and will indirectly send the location of the car to the user.

Figure 2: MCCS System Configuration

Accomplishment and task performed

I had accomplished the MCCS firmware design and C2C abbreviation had been used for the C2C plus C compiler for Scenix and PIC processors. Various commands of the C and Cplus programming language had been embedded in the project. I had also implemented Universal Programmer ALL-11 that consists of universal programmable configuration or memory that includes EEPROM, EPROM, PLD, FLASH, microcontrollers and Serial PROM, and microcontrollers from Microchip, Intel, Motorola and many more.

Identified issues and their solutions


Coding particular command for the particular action was a challenging issue as there were many commands to be embedded within then tool. Looping commands were sometimes ending to the infinite execution and resulting nothing.


Professor helps us with the commands that helped my team in the evaluation of the coding and the results were positive. ‘If’ loops were generally confusing and thus cases had been created in manner to eliminate the possibilities for the infinite execution.

Plan to produce creative and innovative work

I had investigated through various research papers and in addition, I had implemented my innovative thought and connected GSM network with the system. This implementation will be ensuring that the user will be able to find the location of his or her vehicle from anywhere if the mobile device is turned on. I had created this innovation thought in manner to boost the thoughts presented by other researchers and produce an innovative and new project.

Collaborative work

The project was a team work in which two other members had made their contribution. I was leading the team as the team leader and leading the team towards the successful and efficient delivery of the project. The whole project was divided into three parts and other two members were contributing in the coding and setup of the project. Assistant professor also plays his crucial role in motivating us and delivering a successful project.

Project Review

Project Overview

I had developed system that can be helpful in enabling the two-way communication between the car’s security system and the user in manner to enhance the security level of the cars. It will be pushing notification to the owner of the vehicle whenever the system detects any intrusion and will enable the user to control the security features remotely and evaluate the status of the vehicle through mobile device. This vehicle location detection is being enabled because of the GSM positioning concept that can be a cheaper and wide range covering technology for monitoring the position of the vehicle. Mobile phone is being used as a transceiver and uses the single main control unit in manner to coordinate the functions of the interfaces implemented within the system.

My contribution to work

I was completely devoted to make this project successful and deliver the system that can reduce the crime rate of car stealing. I was managing the team members in manner to achieve a successful security system that can enable the user to control the security system of the car and protect it from intruders. I had implemented the memory allocation for the actions and the signal receiving and transmitted to the IC and tried to keep the range broader through implementing GSM network. I was leading the team and all the components were brought those were cheap and much efficient for the project and ensured that the project will go according to the plan.

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