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The remuneration of the teachers are widely different in varies in large margins in the entire European region. The merit pay of the teachers are based on three factors such as the international status of schools, the contract in between the labors that are serving the institutions and the level of experience of the teachers will play a big role in determining their pay. The correlation between the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country and the pay that the teachers receive are inversely related. The teachers of Spain earn around 2.1 times with the GDP per capita, which is in comparison to the next highest country, United Kingdom who pay their teachers 1.8 times more than the GDP of that country (Leigh, 2013).

The attractiveness in retaining the teachers is not only influenced by the salaries of the teachers but also the working environment in which they are working. These aspects are important to the teachers as the number of hours that they need to work will help in increasing the knowledge capacity of the students. Another potential feature that helps in attracting teachers to the schools is the job hours, as they do not have long hours of work. The merit pay of the different countries is determined by the tax policies along with the social security system (Goldstein, 2014).

The merit pay of US has reveled that it has shown an increase in the learning capacity of the student that may be equivalent to three weeks of schooling in an additional manner. The average of four years with the merit pay system has shown that the amount ranged from $26 to $20,000. The amount in the award system ranges from $2,500 to $3,000 and is seen that there are small awards for the merit pay programs in developing countries as well. the training that is received from the Teacher Incentive Fund has shown that it has a positive effect on the performance pay program (Liang & Akiba, 2015).

The union that is present in Spain had a debate on the subject Education in Europe because of the upcoming election in the country. it can be seen that the country pays very well to the teachers for the services that they provide in educating the students. The teachers union has pledged to support the policies that will help in maintaining the quality of education and protect the future of the teachers who are responsible for imparting it to the future generations (Robertson, 2013).

The teachers union that is present in United Kingdom is known as National Union of Teachers (NUT), which looks after all the educational policies and the remuneration of teachers in the country. The campaign ‘Stand up for Education’ ensured that the political parties of the country will be pressurized so that the demands are all fulfilled by the state. It included the focus of the teachers that will be done based on the dedicated time, which will not put extra pressure on the administration. It will also ensure that the schools will plan and prepare the lessons well in advance so that the progress of the pupils can be assessed in a better manner, which will help in better management of the schools. These changes will help in revising the pay of the teachers and the introduction of merit pay systems that will consists of the pensions that are due to the teachers (Liang & Akiba, 2015).

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