Comparison Between Karla Black And Zoe Leonard Essay


Discuss the Comparison between Karla Black and Zoe Leonard.


The two artists have distinctive similarities and differences that underlay their work. They both champion for the rights of a given group of people or a certain segment of the society. Tamy Ben- Tor, a Jerusalem born artist uses her work to explore racial stereotypes and poking fun to believe that do not hold water as they are not based on any scientific or any widely accepted knowledge. She does this in her films and plays in theaters where she performs. Zeo Leonard, an American artist on the other hand continually challenges how we see or perceive worldly things. She documents items and photography such that it elicits different emotions and perceptions compared to the previous experience people had when they interacted with the items under consideration.

The two have difference in terms of their craft and designs. While Tamy Ben-Tor hugely communicate her art and craft through films and performances across many theaters her counter part in craft, Zoe Leonard, hugely delivers her art content via photography and sculpture. The end point though is that both have used art and craft to communicate to the world.

While Ben is a great shape shifter Zeo, doesn’t literally change the way an item looks like since hers is all about collecting photographic materials. Artist Ben, mould elaborately and finely observed culture into something totally different in her films and plays. The end product here is one that depicts the message the she intents to pass on to the people. Most of the time this message is different from what people associates with that particular culture – we can say she is anti –stereotype artist.


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