Company Advertising Or Online Reviews Essay


What do consumers believe more - company advertising or online reviews?


To know about all the features and advantages of the product or any service prevalent in the market, or even to know about the disadvantages and the bad reviews for the same, there are two sources from where a potential customer can gather information (Anderson, 2014).

The two ways from which most of the description can be gathered about a product or service is-

Online reviews

Company advertising

When a customer plans to buy a product or go in for a service, he tries to evaluate whatever he is planning to buy and see that whatever he is planning to purchase will of a good quality, would it provide him with satisfaction and whether it will prove to be value for money (Charlton, 2013). Hence, to gather all the information about the things and to evaluate and decide whether he should purchase the item, he depends on the two above mentioned sources (Rosen, 2014).

Almost every potential buyer tends to look at both of the things before planning t purchase and invest his money into buying of the products.

Online reviews are one of the latest and emerging features which have come into a lot of light in the recent times because of the growing technology and advancements in the field of mobile and applications. In the online reviews, the people or the customers who have already bought the products post their feedback from the official sites of the products or on the websites from which they have purchased the goods. The people post online reviews as a form of appreciation when they find the goods very useful and want to share the delight of having that good (Annoynomous, 2004). Whereas, even when the product does not reach to the mark and the customers are unsatisfied or want to complain regarding something, they even post regarding that. Hence, the online reviews show what the people feel and what their experience of buying the product is.

On the other hand, when the company comes put with a new product in the market and wants to increase the sale of it, it does a lot of campaigning and give out a lot of commercials and does a lot of advertising to increase the sales of the goods and overall to increase the profits of the company (Overbeck, 2011). During the advertising process, the company tells to the people the latest features, the add on facilities and everything new and unique the product will have and how possessing it would prove to be beneficial for the consumers.

Hence, if it is to evaluate which is to be taken into account while facilitating a new purchase, one should always go with the online reviews (Berger, 2016). The online reviews help in knowing what exactly the consumers like us have achieved and what have they faced and benefited from. One can relate with the people who have already bought the goods. The reviews section can be proved to be of great help as it helps in knowing about all the advantages and disadvantages of the product and even of the company, the satisfaction which the product will provide and even helps in knowing the value for money. The online reviews help in evaluating and deciding whether we should plan to purchase the goods or no. it is bett[1]er to rely on the online reviews more than the company advertising as the company would always

try to show the good picture and tell the good features, ignoring the bad qualities of the products, because it wants to increase the sales and profits of the product.

Hence between online reviews and company advertising, it is better to go with the online reviews.


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