Community service Essay

The moment I saw my classmate struggling to understand some easy algebra concepts, I decided to help them. At the same time, I heard about the Scholars Academy. Scholar Academy is an organization which is established to help students to reinforce education through peer learning, tutoring, research, and soft skills. I was very excited to volunteer there because It is the right place for me to perform my math aptitudes and help some other Jackson State University students.

As a volunteer at the Scholars Academy, I assisted a lot of Jackson state university students who struggled with their math skills, specifically, college algebra and trigonometry. As parts of my work, I assisted them by giving study strategies, samples problems, and ideas on how to do their assignment. One of my favorite memory was when Sultan, my classmate that I had been working with for several days, told his friends, and then his friends asked me if I could help them.

The community service that I am most proud of is the time I did help my upper-class students. In the beginning, I was hoping to help the students, specifically freshmen, who struggled with their math skills, but some junior and seniors reached me and asked me if I helped them. I did help them in Algebra, trigonometry, and even Calculus 1. Seeing them understand the topic that they were struggling gave me happiness, some sense of pride, and keeps me doing more consistently.

As a result of my community service, I gained a decent experience in self-teaching. Since I haven’t taken college algebra or trigonometry, I could teach myself to tech or tutor others. Teaching myself that has no interaction with my major and taking 17 credit hours were a bit challenging at times, but it taught me how to manage my time, appreciate the value of hard work, and be more willing to pitch in when someone needs help. My twin cousins were in 7th grade, and I offered them to help with because I know how students struggle from my community service.

As a conclusion, volunteering at the Scholars Academy has been a great experience. By assisting and sharing my study habit, I became a better tutor. My goal is to help the students who need my help, and I am sure there are a lot of them who need my help, but since I don’t have enough fiscal, I am afraid that I am continuing my education. Getting this scholarship means a lot to me because since I am not going to stress out about my school tuition that much, I will attend my classes very well, and I can keep tutoring my peers.

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