Communication Tools And Team Working Essay


Discuss about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication Tools And Team Working.


The Sydney headquarter of the XYZ Company has planned to develop a new marketing team with the team members of Sydney, Beijing, New York and Mumbai. This planning has resulted in the management of diverse team using synchronous and asynchronous communication. The advantage of managing diverse teams lies in the integration of talented workforce for conducting a complicated project work by utilizing innovation and creativity.

According to Barak (2016) a diverse workforce in the company will increase productivity as the teams will work together to achieve a common goal. The use of different skills of the individuals in the team will enhance their loyalty in the organization and help in employee retention. However, there are certain problems in working with a diverse population in the organization. Some of the critical areas that need to be addressed are time management, language barrier, no face- to- face contact, style of communication, decision- making process and viewpoint on deadline meeting.

A virtual meeting will be effective in addressing the issues of working within a diverse environment. Virtual team operation helps in cutting down time and travel costs. The employees will have to consider the benefits to rise over the caveats. It is important to understand the benefits otherwise; conflicts and misunderstanding will take place. The employees need to believe that there are potential benefits of working within a diverse team because it will help in improving their learning skills.

As Harvey and Allard (2015) mentioned, it is important to express the opinions directly without any kind of hesitation. This increases the value of the message, which needs to be conveyed. The employees get convinced that there is validity in the subject and they will be benefitted by following the same. A virtual meeting will help in the interaction of all the team members and they will be acquainted with each other. There is a huge difference between the cultures of the four places of Sydney, Beijing, New York and Mumbai. It is a big challenge to cope with the cultural differences.

In order to state the differences, Guillaume et al. (2017) commented that cultural diversity can pose a huge impact on the workplace in terms of miscommunication, rising barriers, problem in behavior adaptation. The difference in opinion and beliefs of the diverse workforce might become responsible for a misunderstanding and conflict. The actions related to a specific culture need to be adopted by all others in the team so that do not offend any member of different culture. For instance, the people of America write the date in a different way than the Australians. The Australians write the date as Sunday, 15 April 2018 whereas the Americans write it as April 15 2018. On the other hand, the people of China writes the date as 2018 April 15 and Indians write it as 15 Aril 2018. From this instance, it can be observed that the format of date varies from one country to another, which will make the understanding difficult within team members.

Similarly, the people of China believe in ethics whereas the Indians believe in religion. It might pose a severe impact while working in the same organization under the same roof. Conflicts might arise based on ethics and religion. In addition to the cultural problems, language is also a major issue while working in virtual teams. Severe complication might arise if a certain word used by the Indian is misunderstood in a different way by the Chinese. Similarly a gesture of the Australian member might annoy the American member if he is unable to interpret the meaning.

In my point of view, I think it is important to work with virtual teams by accepting the benefits and working on the caveats. The disadvantages were discussed and it is required to work on them for maintaining a peaceful environment in the organization. The employees might not accept the change in the organization gladly but they need to find the underlying benefits. They can strengthen their skills and abilities by working with a diverse workforce. It will help them in the process of job rotation.

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