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Discuss about the Communication Skills in the Workplace.



The job advert which will be referred to while completing this report is sourced from Papua New Guinea’s which is considered to be among the leading websites for searching jobs and advertising vacant positions. The position is advertised by The British High Commission Port Moresby which forms a segment of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)’s. The organization is looking to employ a Corporate Services Manager to control every aspect of the corporate operations related to health and safety, HR & Protocol, as well as leading a team of at least of eight members. Primary duties and responsibilities according to this advert include Leadership and Management, Finance and Procurement, Human Resources, Estates, Transport and IT (Gulf, 2017).


The job applicant is expected to meet various requirements which include the following.

  • Should have an excellent command of the English language, both spoken and written
  • Should have at least five years of experience in corporate activities in operations such as finance, HR, or any other managerial level
  • First-rate interpersonal and communication abilities with robust consumer focus
  • Outstanding judgment and tactical consciousness to achieve the best from the resources at his or her disposal and also be able to identify opportunities for business growth and development
  • Personal motivation and the capacity to be a self-starter and a good team player. In this respect, the applicant is expected to be flexible to change strategies according to suit the prevailing environmental conditions.
  • Exceptional computer skills such as Microsoft Office, Excel, and sound experience of Oracle systems and the required databases
  • Also, the candidate should be prepared to take frequent travels within the stipulated location, Solomon Islands.
  • He or she should have operational or financial experience with ratification of comprehensive budget administration


Effective Communication

The importance of efficient communication skills in any workplace setting cannot be underestimated. Both supervisors or managers and the regular employees are often required to possess exceptional communication aptitudes, and that is why in almost all job adverts, this is a fundamental requirement (Picardi, 2011). Owing to the advantages associated with effective communication in the workplace, some organizations spend a lot of money while training their workers on how to communicate efficiently with other parties within or outside the company premises (Piercy & Steele 2016, p.37). Outstanding communication aptitudes go beyond conversations at workstations, but staff members should know how to communicate well in other platforms such as written reports, accounts, and emails. Comprehension of the benefits concomitant to effective communication has impelled The British High Commission to incessantly focus on developing a workforce that can communicate well within the company and with other external publics like vendors, customer, and global business partners.

Team building, global business, employee morale, and augmenting diversity are some of the possible and reasonable reasons why The British High Commission included effective communication as a fundamental requirement of any interested applicant of Corporate Services Manager.

Team Building: Effective communication within the workstation will help the manager and his subordinates to initiate highly efficient work teams. Employees will trust each other as well as their management (Lumley & Wilkinson 2014, p. 100). Effective communication will help in reducing irrelevant competitions within departments in The British High Commission, and this aspect will help all service providers to work together harmoniously. The obvious results of any work team that functions concurrently are increased productivity, responsibility, and integrity. Workers become acutely aware of their responsibilities in the team and understand that they are highly valued. A manager who frankly communicates with his subjects is able to nurture positive relations that will benefit The British High Commission Company as a whole.

Employee Morale: Effective communication at the workplace can lead to improved employee morale. Even though compensation is the primary concern for many service providers, it is not their sole or only concern. The majority appreciate splendid communication originating from the management in different echelons in the chain of command (Modestino, 2016). At this point, employees at The British High Commission will be more contented with their occupations, and as such, they will perform their assigned duties efficiently with a positive attitude. Failure to communicate well in a workstation often leads to confusion and frustration among the workforce. Nonetheless, managers at different levels are able to reduce such problems by maintaining the communication lines open (Burnard, 2012).

Global Business: With the significant upsurge in international business transactions, the requirement for effective communication to satisfy the transnational demand is increasing as well (Ivana Studen? & Denisa Fed?kov?, 2016). Therefore, the incoming Corporate Services Manager in The British High Commission is needed to know how to communicate effectively with the organization’s global counterparts. Besides, the differences in cultural backgrounds impel the managers to comprehend terms frequently applied in Solomon Islands but deemed offensive in other cultures. The chief goal of the company at this juncture is to prepare managerial personnel who have outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication aptitudes thus increasing the chances of the firm entering into international marketplaces (Britain, 2007, p.32).

Assists in diversity: It is apparent that the Corporate Services Manager at The British High Commission will be obliged to manage and work with individuals with diverse language and cultural differences. However, effective communication skills will help them in managing them successfully (Adair, 2011). Splendid communication aptitudes will assist in reducing barriers which come along with language and cultural disparities, and this is why under the requirements in the advert, the manager is expected to possess exceptional command for the English language both written and spoken. Besides, corporations can circumvent cultural misunderstanding and miscommunication by say training global workers early at the inception of their tenures on a regular basis (Emden & Becker 2013, p.168).

Ability to Work in a Multicultural Environment

These skills are not listed in the position requirements for the job opening of a Corporate Services Manager at The British High Commission. Various reasons might have driven the advert designers at the company to fail to do this.

As hinted earlier in other sections of this report, one of the critical requirements of any interested professional is the ability to communicate fluently in both written and spoken English. Manager's capability to communicate well with all people regardless of their ethnic backgrounds or language can help in reducing the communication gap, or any other disagreement which may arise due to different cultural beliefs and practices. By virtue of using a common language to address all issues in the workplace, the manager will convey a desire to be sensitive to everybody’s culture and this way nobody who may feel alienated because of their personal attributes such as race, religion, or ethnic beliefs.

Besides, the requirements section in the job advert needs the occupation searcher to have at least five years of experience as a corporate manager related to HRM and about three years of functioning as a team administrator. During this period the professional must have acquired the talent to manage people from different cultures and values. Working with the human resource at the managerial level should have provided him or her with ample skills of managing individuals with diverse religious, ethnic, and racial authenticities. Three to five years of experience at an administrative echelon must have availed the professional with various instances whereby he or she should give chances to employees to express their views and share his or her own (McIntosh et al. 2008). During his tenure in the previous company, the job searcher must have gained such related skills, a possible reason as to why this particular is not included in the position advert.

Recommendations On The Suitability/Relevance Of The Two Skills For The Advertised Position

Relevance Of Effective Communication Skills And Ability To Work In A Multicultural Environment To The Corporate Services Manager Position

In order to lead their subordinates successfully, managers need to demonstrate effective communication aptitudes. Otherwise, he or she will be devoid of the credibility to execute the company's goalmouths and strive to rally work teams behind their leadership (Phillips 2012). Effective communication skills often lead to better employee relations, problem-solving skills, and gains in productivity.

Problem Solving Skills: Problem-solving and efficient communication aptitudes go hand in hand. Workers who struggle on their occupations inherently look for their supervisors or other administrators to assist them in addressing their challenges at the workplace. A leader who lacks freedom of choice, however, is unlikely to acquire the trustworthiness that he or she requires to address colleagues' conflicts, substance abuse, or declining performance issues. Failure to address such occurrences, in turn, jeopardizes the firm's productivity and capacity to carry out their mission (Ludden, 2007 ).

Gains in Productivity: Whether they acknowledge it or not, managers in any organization setting are the kingpin of the firm’s performance exertions (Worth, 2009). At this juncture, the corporate service manager at The British High Commission will be expected to articulate plans and strategies, so that the company's workforce team is acutely aware of what to do, and how the organization envisages them being conducted.

Better Employee Relations: Managers considered the best comprehend the need for creating alliances and communicating all through the echelons of the organization. Effective communications aptitudes are rudimentary propensities necessary for breaking down hindrances, which endorses the collaborative atmosphere that the company requires to flourish successfully (Fitzpatrick, 2011).


From the discussion in this report paper, it is evident the importance of effective communication in the success of any business cannot be underestimated. This is the reason behind the inclusion of this requirement in almost every job advert. Managers need to possess exceptional communication aptitudes so as to aid optimally in achieving the set goals and objectives of their employer. They need to communicate well while passing critical messages to their subordinates either through speaking or writing.


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