Communication And Feedback In Organizations Essay


What Is the Role of Communication and Feedback in Organizations? ?



“Communication and Feedback required for successful management.”

To survive in the operating market, it is important for every organization to manage its business effectively. Management of the organization has become a concept of focus in the management literature. By effective management, organizations are also able to implement effective change in the business operations whenever it is required. But, there are many researchers who have found that there are organizational programs do not reach to the results due to the lack of effective communication and feedback process in the organization. Poorly managed communication in the organization is the cause of rumors and resistance among the employees (Robbins, 2003). So, communication and feedback can be considered to be the important part of the organization for managing the organization effectively. This essay demonstrates the role and importance of the communication and feedback in the business for managing the organization effectively. The studies revealed that the communication has positive correlation with the many positive organizational results such as organizational performance, commitment, job satisfaction and the organizational citizenship behavior. Failure in the communication can be the cause of various functionless results i.e. low trust, stress, job dissatisfaction, absence, severance intension, and decrease in the organizational commitment (Tripathi & Reddy, 2012).

Organizational communication

Now, effective and meaningful communication provides information to the employees at the levels of their job roles and motivates them to adopt the innovative business strategies. It is important that there should be the positive attitude among the employees towards managing the organization. Meaningful communication needs the cognitive organizational reorientation to manage the organizational strategies. According to Mckinney & Smith (2004), communication is an important part which impacts the performance of the team in the organization. The organization which understands the importance of the communication is able to manage the daily operations of the business (Pauley, 2010). The communication process in the organization coordinate the factors of the production and human elements for the effective network change. There is the need of effective communication every organization with the new technology that would increase organizational performance (Key ton, 2011). The communication process includes seven steps in the organization i.e. message, encoding, transmitting, receiving, decoding understanding and feedback. Communication in the organization is not a simple task. The communication process within an organization is described below in the figure.

Figure 1: Communication Process

(Source: Pauley, 2010)

Communication in the organization-

Based on the research done by Banihashemi (2011), the various channels of the communication are the most effective way to build the relationship with the employees in the organization. So, communication is the basic part for developing the structure of the organization. Communication is the key factor in the organization to maintain the coordination in the various activities at different level in the organization. Now, the communication in the organization can be upward, downward and horizontal. The process of communication is important for the organization to manage the basic functions of the business i.e. organizing, planning, controlling and leading. Communication is also helpful in managing the responsibilities by the managers (Rajhans, 2012). The role of the communication in the business is described below:

  • Communication serves as the motivation by providing information and clarifying the employees about the job roles and the ways to perform the job. Communication process is important to improve the performance of the employees within the organization.
  • Further, communication is basically spreads the information among the organizational members. Communication is also important for the successful decision making process as it is helpful in identifying the alternative course of actions.
  • Communication is helpful in controlling process within the organization. In the organization, there are many levels of hierarchy and various guidelines and principles that should be followed by the employees. Employees should fulfill the organizational policies to perform the tasks effectively. They must communicate the work problems and accusation with the senior management. Thus, communication is helpful in managing the various functions of management (Goris, 2007).


There are many top companies which are using effective communication process to manage their business process. The famous company Ford uses a number of communication tools to connect people with the business. In the business operations of Ford, communication is most challenging but visual tool. Ford uses bulletins, tools and exclusive newspaper and newsletters. There is the internal newsletter of the company @Ford which is translated in various languages. The communication tool makes sure that the provided messages always stay in people’s mind (Tanwar, 2015).

Feedback and its role

There are many people in the organization who suffer from the lack of performance feedback. Feedback is the most powerful and most under used management tool which are used by the organization to motivate the employees. Feedback is helpful in bringing the people on track in their job roles. It has effective skills to satisfy the employees and improve their productivity in the organization. By getting positive feedbacks, employees in the organization feel involved and identified. Basically, feedback takes place when an environment reacts on some behavior or action. For instance, it can be related to customers’ feedback for the company’s product, policy or service or it can be employee’s performance feedback given by the manager for the performance of the employees. Feedback can be both positive and negative. To make important decision in the business operations, feedback can be the valuable information. Top performing companies are able to get higher position in the market because they are continuously seeking for the ways to make their better to best. The main focus of these companies by the feedback are on the various parts i.e. employees, clients, suppliers, customers, stakeholders and vendors. Effective feedback are beneficial for everyone i.e. for the receiver, giver, and for the organization. There are some reasons which prove that feedback is very important in organization (D'hoedt & Bouckaert, 2011).

  • Feedback can take place all the time i.e. at the time of employee survey, training evaluation, and performance appraisal. At every time, a person can say to the person, customer, employee, vendor etc. Basically, people communicate feedback in the organization.
  • Feedback has the ability to motivate the employees to perform better in the job role. By getting feedback on the performance, they feel appreciated and valued within the organization. The feedback from the suppliers, clients, customers, stakeholders and vendors, employees can be motivated to build up better working relations in the society.
  • Further, feedback can be effective tool in improving and managing the organizational activities and operations. Continuous feedback is crucial for the entire organization for creating strategies; developing products, stay connected with the goals, improving relationship, improving services and much more.
  • Sometimes, feedback is considered as the criticism and negative criticism is not good for organization. But the best and positive feedback can be helpful in formulating and taking better decisions to increase and improve the performance of the organization.

Now, there are many researchers who have stated that the feedback is the important part of the communication. It is the link or component in the communication cycle as it indicates the successful spread of the message. So, effective feedback is interactive, active and able to improve the performance of organization. Feedback can be time consuming, difficult and repetitious when the performance of the organization and its employees is poor. Feedback has the most positive impact in the organization. To maintain the good working relationship between the organization and staff, Feedback is important. The importance of building relationship is based on the trust, collaboration and mutual respect. There is the process in obtaining useful feedback in the organization.

Figure 2: Feedback process

(Source: Torokoff & Mets, 2005)

There are three steps in the feedback process i.e. organization of observation and feedback, content and delivery feedback and use of feedback in learning process. So, it is clear that the various feedbacks are very helpful in improving the performance of the organization and managing the organizational activities (Torokoff & Mets, 2005).


Feedback process is used by the company PepsiCo which is the second largest food and Beverage Company. The company is using 360 feedback programs to maintain its leadership population in the global market. To improve leadership, the company has adopted four programs i.e. 360 processes, an employee survey, upward feedback process and a personality instrument. These four processes are important to work together in the company.


This essay describes the importance of feedback and communication in managing the organization effectively. From the above discussion, it is observed that communication and feedback can be considered to be the important part of the organization for managing the organization effectively. Communication is an important tool part of the organizational activities as there should be the positive attitude among the employees towards managing the organization. There is the need of effective communication every organization with the new technology that would increase organizational performance. The process of communication is important for the organization to manage the various activities of the organizations to improve the reputation in organization. Now, in terms of feedback, it is observed that feedback is helpful to guiding the people so that they can do the best in their job roles by motivating and energizing them. To make important decision in the business operations, feedback can be the valuable information. Thus, it can be said that feedback and the communication process is important to manage the organization as they motivate the people of the organizations to perform bets in their job role.


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