Communication And Assertive Behavior Essay


Discuss about the Business Communication And Assertive Behavior.



The topic illustrates about the effectiveness of business communication and by gaining assertive behavioral skills and knowledge, it will be easily for me to progress in my career and professional life with ease and effectiveness. The topic discusses about the business communication and revolves around the concepts of assertive behaviors that can help me to improve my communication skills as well as progress in my professional career with ease and effectiveness (Conrad and Newberry 2012).

Assertive behavior

Assertive behavior is a major aspect of business communication that allows for providing communication skills training and standing up to protect the rights and responsibilities of others in a positive manner without showing any signs of aggressive behaviors or attitudes. Assertive behaviors allow the individuals to overcome the fears faced while speaking to others and rather respect each and everyone by resolving the issues related to cultural boundaries. The assertive behaviors among people could aloe enable for defending against the people who tend to be aggressive and furthermore keep calm and quiet to concentrate on individual career goals and objectives. Assertive behavior could not only influence own communication style, but would also allow the individuals to get what they want without violating the rights or by disrespecting others (Fall et al. 2013).

Few of the behavioral patterns that are experienced include obtaining compliments or complimenting others for their good work and making them gain a positive mindset about own behavior. The behavioral patterns show that a person who has assertive behavior has the ability to influence others’ behaviors by remaining polite an calm in situations and even making requests for providing helping hand while progressing in the career. Individuals with assertive behaviors can overcome fear of speaking main conversations politely and even standing up for the own rights whenever required. Possessing an assertive behavior could facilitate the decision making process by delivering personal ideas and opinions and even disagree with certain matters that might not be favorable according to the circumstances. The assertive behavior possessed by a person could also help in expressing disagreement and anger too, when not agreeing to the opinions and decisions of others (Hynes 2012). In certain cases, the individual with assertive behavior could feel that the decisions or opinions of others might not be useful and it allowed the individual to express his discontent and not agreeing to the context.

Personal reflection

Based on various benefits that related to the improvement of communication process and its efficiency, I think that assertive behavior is the most important aspect of communication. This topic is selected as effective because of its effectiveness is promoting communication and it can even help me to advance in my professional career and establish myself as a successful business professional. I have selected this topic because it is quite interesting not only from the communication improvement perspective but also can allow me to keep calm and quiet while talking with others and handle situations properly without any bias. Assertive behaviors could allow me to express my feelings, my joyful nature as well as show my true emotions based on situations (Filippello et al. 2014). I even stood up for my own rights and expressed my disagreement or negligence whenever other’s opinions did not match. I would consider the positive compliments that should be provided as pillars of success. From my perspective, I think that the assertive behaviors can allow me to maintain steady communication and at the same time, express my opinions and make decisions willingly. Few behavioral descriptions showed how I behaved and responded while disagreeing to the fact. When plans are cancelled at last minute, I can feel irritated because by canceling the plan, other chances to move out with my other friends will be impossible. In case, I am watching something with concentration, noises outside and within home can hamper my concentration in some kind of work. I will feel angry if plans do not go according to the plan and even I have been late for something due to unusual issues (Kramer et al. 2016). Some verbal skills that I could posses included asking questions to gain clarification for a particular question and even making compromises only when I could be assure to manage those tasks properly.

Impact of it on present and future professional career

As it could be seen from the above section, assertive behavior had several benefits, because it could not only improve my communication skills, but would also enable me to present myself as a successful speaker in front of others. I would be able to speak to others properly and even overcome my fears, which I previously faced, while talking in front of many people. It would allow me advance in my professional career and even make me understand from my mistakes. It would also allow me to keep calm and quiet in critical situations and overcome the failures to make sure that the communication process could be facilitated effectively. There could be few limitations though such as fogging and broken records that might not be suitable for certain situations, aggressive attitudes might tend to arise with female’s assertive behaviors (Pel?ez?Fern?ndez, Extremera and Fern?ndez?Berrocal 2015). Assertive behavior is based on cultural changes as well, which can also prevent me not to discriminate, rather interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It could enable me to make decisions quite easily and stand up for protecting my own rights and raise voice if anything is going wrong.

Being assertive could not only help me at present but would also enhance my potential to perform with efficiency in the future too. When situations turn out to be ambiguous, it will be easy to stand up for own rights though not disrespecting or hurting others. It could promote transparency within the workplace as well as manage clear and honest communication. The assertive behavior could make me more self assured and self protective and gain the trust and respect of others with whom I would be working within the business organisation in the future. One of the major weaknesses that people face is the aggressiveness because of not being able to control inner feelings and emotions. I will be able to set boundaries and allow others to know how they must behave while being around me within the workplace (Conrad, D. and Newberry 2012). It could transform my entire behavior and develop own judgment to facilitate the decision making process too. By possessing assertive behavior, I would be able to interact with more people and crack interviews smartly due to my communication skills’ improvement. I could achieve the pillars of success within no time and even clarify certain things before making any firm decisions, because it will be important for contributing to the business success (Fall et al. 2013).


I had achieved various benefits through assertive behaviors like progressing in my professional career and even enhancement in communication too. Through training, it would be easy for me to practice new skills and remain proactive while being present at the workplace. I could also handle issues and challenges much more easily and prevent misunderstandings and conflicts that might arise due to lack of communication. My assertiveness would be tested at various situations while working within a organisation and this would surely sharpen my skills and ability to communicate within business, furthermore accomplish the business objectives with convenience.


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