Common Criticisms Of Marketing Essay


List and discuss three common criticisms of marketing. For each criticism, state how you, as a marketer, might respond to the criticism.


Marketing can be designated as set of strategically determined policies, which a marketer uses to maintain a gratifying relationship with the clients that result in value for both the consumer and the marketer (Buchholtz and Carroll 2012). However, even the strategy of marketing is being recognized as a benefitting instrument for ensuring the profit making and client satisfaction, it frequently faces a number of criticisms. The three common criticism of the marketing strategy can be discussed as followed:

The most frequent criticism regarding the marketing strategy is the claim that marketing persuades the consumers to buy the products, which they actually do not need. There is a common belief that the strategy of marketing extensively concentrates on manipulating the customers to alter their needs (Rossouw and Van Vuure 2013). As a marketer, I would like to present my products in such a way that the consumers would feel to possess them from their core. My marketing strategy will concentrate on making the customers believe that it is their basic need to obtain my product.

It is often being claimed that the marketing embellishes the product claim. The marketers are often accused of making product claims, which are not real. However, here, as a marketer, I will focus on advertising to aim strictly on my target market. My product will consist of manuals with the clear mention of the product description. No embellishment will be followed during the advertisement.

The marketing strategy helps in increasing the environmental waste. This can be described as the loudest and most recent criticism that the marketing strategy is facing today. As discussed by Buchholtz and Carroll 2012, for the promotion and gaining customer popularity the marketers often use non bio- degradable packaging and wasteful methods of promotion. They also use the “resource consuming product” etc. However, as a marketer I will address this with the idea of “green marketing” (Rossouw and Van Vuure 2013). I will follow the strategy, which will be environment friendly. In my promotional strategy, I will support clients to become extra careful to the environmental issues. I will follow an environment friendly production method.

Thus, I will try to respond to the criticism regarding the marketing strategies and make use of them to increase my market share.


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