Commitment Essay

We have to the end of our journey together in high school, after graduating, we will begin our sperate journeys in the real world. We are all setting out to make something of our selves and accomplish great tasks which we can take pride in. However, before we can embark on this ne chapter in our lives, we must ask ourselves if we have all the necessary skills to become truly successful. The key ingredient that young people today seem to be lacking is commitment. We must take the time and make the effort to be more committed to our education, to all our relationships, and in our faith. Fist of all, we must strive to be more committed to our education, which will impact our future. Young people today give more importance to hanging out with friends and partying rather than studying and preparing for school. We live in a time where the ability to procrastinate effectively is sees seen as a good skill on social media. People binge watch Netflix, avoiding their work for as long as possible, put something together at the last minute and then brag about the amazing “feat” they pulled off on social media. We must learn to prioritize our work, stay focused, and stop giving up so easily when we do not understand something. If we try, work hard, and put an honest effort into our school work, we will be able to succeed. While going out to parties, binge watching our favourite shows on Netflix, and scrolling through the endless feeds on social media may be amusing, none of that even matter if it is not contributing to our success in our education and more importantly, our future. It is important that we understand the difference between enjoying our youth and destroying our future. Another major part of our lives are our relationships, relationships between our family, friends, peers and significant others. Humans are social importance of creatures, we need human interaction in order to survive and thrive. Understanding the importance of each and every single one of these relationships is crucial in obtaining happiness, they will all have some sort of impact in our lives. When things get too difficult in our relationships, we tend to give up, lose hope, and stop putting an honest effort into them. Instead of running and hiding at the first sight of trouble, we must be more committed. Take the time to create new relationships and develop the ones we already have. We become committed not only our ourselves but to the all the people we have relationships with. A lot of these people are always there, supporting you when you need it most. You never know what kind of impact or influence someone will have on your life, so we must stop burning down the bridges connections before you even get tot them. It is our responsibility to be dedicated to all of our relationships, because we will need them to achieve success. However, no matter who we become and what we achieve, none of it will matter if we do not have God in our lives. Young people these days are straying further and further away from God. We must have faith, and without it we are nothing. No matter who or what believe in, we must remain committed to our beliefs. Turning to God is usually seen as the last resort but sometimes it is our only hope, and our only chance. We must understand the true importance of God in our lives. Instead of only turning to Him when we want something, we should also turn to Him just to be thankful for all the many blessings he has given us. God is our creator, he sent his only son to save us from sin because he loved us so much, so the least we can do is remain committed in our faith through daily prayer, which will also have many positive impacts in our life. Ultimately, we must remain committed to these three major things in life; our education, which creates our future, our relationships with each other, and our faith. Commitments in anything and everything we do is the key ingredient we all need to arm our spirits and achieve true success.

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