We occur to think those activities is one of the most underutilized areas on university application.


I do believe your tasks list can make the distinction within application.

Want evidence? Compare both of these:

  • Art

    Created art pieces and arranged school club

  • Founder, Art Honors Society

    Organized and ran meetings, create industry trips, brainstormed and produced group art tasks, had written and sent publication to people.

First description: Who cares?

2nd description: Whaaaaaaat?! Rockstar.

Want to know how exactly to write a fantastic task?

Cool. But I’ll keep it short so we can arrive at the examples.

How exactly to compose a fantastic activity in your tasks list:

  1. State role and organization name in top field.

  2. Emphasize concrete, quantifiable impact.

  3. Make use of active verbs!

  4. To save lots of space, usage listings and cut extra words. No significance of complete sentences.

  5. Shoot for variety.

  6. Avoid extreme language.

Wanna learn about these guidelines?

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Listed here are a ton of extracurricular activities examples to provide you with a sense of exactly what an excellent activities list description seems like.


Extracurricular task Example #1-10 Extracurricular Activity Example #11-20 Extracurricular Activity Example #21-30 Extracurricular task Example #31-40 Extracurricular task Example #41-50 Extracurricular Activity Example #51-60 Extracurricular Activity Example #61-70 Extracurricular Activity Example #71-80 Extracurricular task Example #81-87

Extracurricular Activity Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #1

Chief Facilitator, Understanding Leadership

Developed training plans, lobbied regional organizations for sponsorships, held advertising sessions, established partnerships to perform 2-wk leadership camp.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #2

Director of Tech, Model Un

Supervised seminar technology access; managed Model us web site to optimize navigation and served as a delegate

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #3

Flute — Very First Chair, Concert Band

500+ hrs. over 4 yrs. 8 tournaments, 22 concerts. Gotten Div.1 at 2016 Solo and Ensemble Contest. Attend musical organization trips to Dallas/Corpus Christie/Austin/Orlando.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #4

Protein Modeling Team Leader, Science Olympiad

Monitored building of protein molecule model, taught peers to make use of 3D molecular system Jmol; put into top in 2016 regional competition.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #5

Webmaster and Secretary, LEO Club

Manage club web site; arrange club tasks with club officers; brainstorm events to improve account and enhance LIONS Club Overseas.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #6

Junior World Affairs Council President, Academy of Global Studies

A 4-year research system combining a published thesis and capstone project; researched the effect of education on youngster marriage for women in Asia.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #7

President, Nationwide Art Honor Community

Chosen for outstanding ability and desire for art-- ran meetings, five gallery shows, art community solution, and coordinated the field trips.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #8

Teen Volunteer at (blank) infirmary

Interacted with clients; assisted medical staff in providing clinical care; designed, produced & delivered holiday greeting cards to patients.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #9

Spanish Honors Society

Tutor pupils in Spanish and promote a consistent interest in Hispanic studies.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #10

Assoc. of Latin American Students, Exec. Officer

Organize meetings and trips to conferences and universities, advertise cultural activities, prepare fundraisers, oversee delegated obligations of users.

Extracurricular Activity Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #11

Co-Founder, peer tutoring program

Launched program by which pupils can request complimentary coaching in math/science; taught concepts in chemistry and precalculus.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #12

Concertmaster of (blank) High School Symphony Orchestra

Lead violin part in rehearsals and concerts, tune and heat up the orchestra, assist the directors in orchestra functions; Outstanding Musicianship.

Extracurricular Activity Example #13

Founder associated with the (blank) afterschool art system

Created an after school art program for kids in kindergarten-fifth grade, monthly, at a Title I school that will not have art supplies.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #14

President of Robotics Club

Elected as President in tenth grade. Recruited club users, arranged seminars for freshmen and coordinated team planning for various tournaments.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #15

British English Olympics Preparation

8 months intensive planning on English language proficiency and presentation abilities for British English Olympics. Won ___ spot out of ___ schools.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #16

Head of Media Team of MUN Club

Recruited and assigned media downline as photographers, authors, editors and advertising advisers. Developed, designed and maintained college MUN-club web site.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #17

edX and Coursera Courses on Global wellness Equity

We finished a few college courses in Global wellness Equity and Healthcare systems; pre-enrolled in Paul Farmer’s edX Course on worldwide Health Equity.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #18

Volunteer during the (blank) Museum

Available souvenirs to tourists in museum gift store, took inventory, handled product sales and monetary records, and completed all administrative tasks.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #19

Mentor at (blank) Youth Center

In charge of helping 11-12 year olds on school work and planning activities, all while improving their self-esteem, social abilities, and respect for other people.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #20

Leader, Graffiti Removal Team

Lead a small grouping of classmates in coordination with all the city to get rid of graffiti, in an effort to reduce criminal activity on the basis of the broken window theory.

Extracurricular Activity Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #21

Manager/Administrator of MusicMan Collection

Approve and upgrade on line information database on traditional music and instruments for use by music enthusiasts.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #22

United Club Soccer

Premier level group, traveled out of state for tournaments, competed against nationwide rated groups, outside midfielder, State Cup Finalist 2017.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #23

(Blank) Senior School Varsity Soccer

Traveled across Florida to play various high schools, also organized team exercises outside of college; State Finals 2017, Voted Most Improved 2017.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #24

Intern, Eco Cloth Clothing

Wrote blog posts about ladies and training, photographed for internet site, used Photoshop to greatly help with graphics design, assisted with social media reports.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #25

Theater Volunteer, Non-Profit United States Cinematheque

Collected tickets, mounted posters, distributed flyers, responded telephone calls, assisted with arranging movie forum panels, photographed events

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #26

Hired Quartet (Enjoy violin and cello)

Perform for expert gigs, from mayor’s banquet to Boy Scout ceremonies; often employed to relax and play at community facilities, neighborhood churches, and resort hotels.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #27

AYSO Girls Soccer Co-Head Coach

Organize drills, model appropriate soccer technique for techniques, prepare line-up, mentor group, send emails to moms and dads.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #28

Graduate of Harvard U's Presenting And Public Speaking Course

Obtained confident & powerful speaking in public methods, explored professional speeches, learned improvised speech, & integrated theatrical abilities.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #29

Medical Volunteer Trips to Thailand

Networking with local wellness employees and ngo officials; assisted pharmacists delivering medicine to mountain tribes.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #30

Drum Kit

Played drums at community meetings for worker legal rights awareness. Gained 9 credits at Level 1 of QCF England credit system from Trinity university with Distinction.

ExtraCurricular Activity Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #31

Co-founder of (blank) performance club

Coordinated monthly shows at community venues, chance of performers in movie theater, music, poetry, etc. to serve other people through skill.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #32

Yearbook Employee

Traveled to photograph sporting events, worked with InDesign, mentored new personnel, helped run a summer workshop for new staff members.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #33

Graphics Editor and Editorial Writer, (blank) Newspaper

Fashioned images (backgrounds, typesets, designs, electronic drawings); had written and proofread peer articles; updated printing newspaper to digital structure.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #34

Captain, Science Bowl Team

Directed early morning practices, assigned role of each and every member, supervised group planning for competition.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #35

Co-President of Foreign Film Club

Select a selection of international films, facilitate talks, keep users posted about film activities in Los Angeles, viewed The Motorcycle Diaries, Mustang, an such like.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #36

Alzheimer’s Family Services Center

Taught watercolor classes to Alzheimer’s patients; encouraged greater patient involvement & creative phrase to mitigate the consequences of dementia.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #37

President, National Latin Honors Society

Orderly once a week class meetings, delivered official notices, point of interaction, first student council in school history to host non-profit fundraisers.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #38


Assigned as either 2nd or third presenter for debating competitions, provided answer speech, coached club people, organised club meetings, held inter-house debates.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #39

Volunteer at (infirmary Name)

Aided Renal and work and Delivery divisions by monitoring front desk and arranging six years worth of backlogged medical documents.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #40

Cross Country/Track Team

Top-3 Soph/Frosh runner, led boy’s soph/frosh group in satisfies and events, aided coaches in organizing day-to-day workouts.

ExtraCurricular Activity Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #41

Coxswain of Varsity Crew Team

Coach on water, performed drills in watercraft and indoor training, talked about strategies and plans with coaches, assessed strengths and weaknesses of specific rowers .

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #42

Graduate of Georgetown U. Medical Institute

Examined medical methods (took vital indications, drew blood, analyzed human cadavers) to prepare me for a career in medical medicine. Addressed patient simulator.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #43

Lead Decorator, Los Angeles Familia Club

Participated in cultural understanding events, organized community possibilities the users, head decorator for art tasks round the school.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #44

Mentor of Girl Scouts Troop #

Mentored 10 young girls in arts and crafts; spearheaded troop exhibit representing Italy at social community reasonable; brainstormed troop activities.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #45

Brown Univ’s On Line Pilot Course: Making an effect

Selected participant in Brown University’s Leadership Institute, analyzed social change type of leadership development and applied lessons to GCLI.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #46

Chief Volunteer, Peers in Education

Developed textbooks on standard tests and taught fundamental skills to under-resourced students in Siheung, Korea.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #47

JV and Varsity Tennis Team (4 years)

Played on both JV and Varsity group and named Captain; went to the University of Notre Dame and Pepperdine University tennis camps on the summer time.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #48

Intern, (blank) clinic — Neurology Department

Recruited kids for study on relation of cerebral microbleeds and head contact recreations.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #49

Model us (4 years)

Debated world difficulties with peers in a variety of conferences; chosen and traveled to UC Berkeley and London to compete in a seminar. (See Add’l info.)

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #50

Founder, Global Leadership Academy

A worldwide nonprofit organization with 501c3 status. See information and quick extracurricular essay for details. www.ili.net.

ExtraCurricular Activity Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #51

Parish Services Board

In charge of arts funding for partner Title We school; lead the chapel speaks and school wide fundraising events; chose each trimester beneficiary.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #52

Sophomore Class Council & Commissioner of Media

Brainstormed tips for school events, produced, and edited all brief films for school activities for two years.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #53

Math Tutor

Dedicated private tutoring for arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, trigonometry identities analysis, and factorial and exponential combinations

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #54

Volunteer, Children Club

Tutored pupils and facilitated games once a week; created and taught a summer time tennis center for band of ten year old pupils.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #55

Founder & President, SAT Proficiency Club

Organize regular meetings and classes, coach approaches for the 3 parts of the test, raise money for resource costs and future lessons.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #56

Co-Founder and Vice President, (Local Non-Profit title)

Assisted alleviate homelessness and develop relationships by collecting toiletries and handing them out towards the homeless in (names of communities).

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #57

President of National Art Honors Community

Organized and went meetings, set up industry trips, brainstormed and produced group art activities, had written and sent publication to users.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #58

Academic Interviewer

Physically chatted to undecided pupils about their plans for future years both academically and non-academically.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #59

Secretary of Teen Educational Foundation

Fundraise for our community & surrounding communities, arranged City Council/Board of Education forums, & donated funds to High School clubs.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #60

Special Olympics World Games Volunteer

We worked during the information booth and offered directions, escorted athletes to venues, arranged shuttles, helped athletes navigate the experience booths.

ExtraCurricular Activity Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #61

Junior Volunteer, (title of) Hospital

Lead 2 hours music treatment tri-monthly for patients, site visitors, staff; help with paperwork, patient needs, cleansing, and orienting hospital visitors.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #62

Intern at (business title)

Assembled semiconductors by applying thin movie coating, used metal evaporator device, and diced semiconductor wafers.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #63

Rotary Club of Calcutta

Set up and maintained a school for 80 young ones in a slum area. Supplied primary education (up to grade 5), clean garments and a midday dinner. Taught English.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #64

Intern at (name of medical center right here)

Utilized art as therapy for many with Bipolar depression/schizophrenia; create patient art shows, taught art classes, arranged field trips for patients.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #65

Sold my art at (title of memorial)

Staged and framed personal artwork (drawings/paintings) become offered; advertised and consulted purchasers; donated all proceeds (~$800) to school art system.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #66

Revlon Cancer Of The Breast Walk Volunteer

For two consecutive years have actually distributed glasses of water, encouraged runners, and checked-in individuals.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #67

Varsity X-country

Training Monday-Thursday 5:30am, 20 miles per week. Organize the middle school cross-country satisfies. Qualified to attend state.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #68

Co-President & Co-Founder of Lollipops for Leukemia

Orchestrate & publicize community bake product sales, lead club users, protect accounting, and have now raised $2000 the kid's Cancer analysis Fund.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #69

Migrants’ Rights

Campaigned against exploitation of worker rights in Riyadh; translated and spread information regarding rights in Nepalese and provided health aid.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #70

The Donor Community

We raise funds and bring understanding to a brand new cause each quarter, including: homelessness, the surroundings, animal cruelty, and humanitarian issues.

ExtraCurricular Activity Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #71

Vice President of Key Club

Led both officer and club conferences, arranged club events with community venues, in the pipeline fundraising yoga nights, encouraged activity of people.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #72

Intern at Ovarian Cancer Lab

Published journals, conducted separate task, facilitated cell maintenance, attended lab conferences, collaborated with residents, fellows, and graduate students.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #73

School Tour Guide

Toured prospective families and visitors around campus and presented information about course offerings, facilities, student life, etc.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #74

Vice President, Pajama Sisters Club

Sewed the absolute most pajamas each semester, donated the handmade pajamas to over 50 young ones of Alexandria’s home, a non-profit company.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #75

Editor of Overseas Column, Class Newspaper

Responsible for brainstorming, revising, and supervising articles by other authors for my line.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #76

Intern at Children’s Institute Otis Booth Campus

Brainstormed a few ideas for after school programs for teens, produced studies, presented information to manager.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #77

Intern at Department of coronary disease

Prepared patient diagnosis notes, sterilized tools for surgeries, assisted with x-ray analysis.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #78

Worked as assistant at Ye-In Dental Clinic

Helped with client registration, sterilized tools for surgeries, assisted with surgical procedures.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #79

Speech and Debate

Academic All-American Award, NFL Tournament Qualifier, Rupe Scholar, Stanford Invitational Semi-finalist, Harker Invitational Semi-finalist.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #80

Korean Compassion: Korean-to-English Letter Translator

Translated letters delivered by supporters to impoverished children in Asian and African countries.

ExtraCurricular Task Examples

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #81

Junior Researcher at Pancetti Sport Inc.

Performed surveys to research youth passions, contributed ideas for future services and products.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #82

Math Tutor at Spokane Elementary School

Using cards and quizzes to simplify principles, taught fundamental mathematics abilities to third graders.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #83

School Tour Guide

International Guiding Staff. We tour site visitors around campus, while presenting college history, student activities, boarding life.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #84

Global Partner for International Orientation

We assist brand new international pupils with registration and adjustment towards brand new college environment.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #85

Orchestra 1 Representative, Treasurer, Concertmaster of Orchestra Council

Assist orchestra directors, prepare orchestra occasions, work during concerts, tournaments, tours by loading/unloading vehicles, establishing, cleaning.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #86

Link Crew Leader at (blank) highschool

Organize and lead a motivational freshman orientation and act as a year-round leader, mentor, tutor, and buddy to freshmen.

ExtraCurricular Activity Example #87

Student Coach of Middle Class MathCounts Team

As skilled competitor, we train techniques, select competitors, and host regular training sessions and mathematics lectures.

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