We call this component “vulnerability training,” because We find it’s more certain than “warm-up” exercise. Also, “warm-up” exercises are expendable, however these exercises are, in my opinion, crucial.

A fast Word on Vulnerability:
Why have always been I requesting become vulnerable? Some reasons:

  1. Vulnerability is one (of four) qualities of a great individual declaration (actually, it’s the “personal” part). I’ll share one other three characteristics as we go…

  2. Vulnerability is a great life-skill to understand, and

  3. It’s one you may get better at while you practice.

If you’re in a workshop, your facilitator (teacher/counselor) enables you to understand which to accomplish. If you’re working alone, select those types of below. If you’re bad at making decisions, do the very first one.

Choice no. 1: “If you truly knew me…”
This one is easy: Begin with the phrase “If you actually knew me…” and share something with your partner that you wouldn’t normally share with someone. Be brave! Go because deep as you’re prepared to get.

Here’s a video clip of me personally carrying this out one:

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