COIT20268 Responsive Web Design 3 Essay


Main Task

Select and undertake an in-depth evaluation of the following website: Website:

Upon the completion of the task, you are to provide a formal report documenting your critical evaluation of the website. The review is to be carried out within the context of responsive web design (RWD) and development principles. The report should draw particular attention to the interactive aspects and design aspects relating to responsiveness of the overall website. Support your critique with appropriate RWD principles.

What to Review

The purpose of the report is to provide a critical evaluation of the nominated website and to support your observations and comments convincingly. The nominated website should be reviewed using Google Chrome’s device simulator. For the purpose and intention of this assessment, use only the device simulator for your reviews. This is to ensure that all students have access to consistent and identical review tools.

Your review of the nominated website must be thorough and sufficiently comprehensive to include 5 different screen displays. The recommended settings are as follows. Students are free to select the different simulated device (in the Chrome device simulator) they would like to use for the reviews.

  • Large Display

Generic notebook or desktop with display greater than 1280x768 pixels.

  • Medium Display

Any mobile device with display approximately 480x640 to 700x960 pixels, in both landscape and portrait orientation.

  • Tiny display

Any mobile device with display approximately 200x320 to 400x640 pixels, in both landscape and portrait orientation.

What to Include

Your report should include:

  • Clearly identify the nominated website. Provide an overview and description of the nominated website.
  • Identify and elaborate the main feature or features of the website.
  • Identify the positive and negative aspects of the website. Draw particular attention to the interaction and usability aspects of the interface.
  • Invite two other persons to review the nominated website. All reviewers should use identical device settings. These participants can be your friends, family members or classmates etc. Provide the background (i.e. age, gender, profession) of the participants. Do their views differ from yours’? State why or why not.
  • Based upon your critique and observation in items (1) to (4) of the above, provide a recommendation on how the website should be improved. Conversely, if it does not require further improvement, then provide the reason why that this is the case.
  • Except for item (4) of the above, all assertions relating to RWD design principles (e.g. statements like ‘blue text on red background is a poor colour combination’ ) must be supported by references or critical observation. You can cite additional scholarly references other than the textbook. (Note: Do not use Wikipedia as a source of reference).
  • Comment on the tools (i.e. Chrome device simulator) you used for the review. Elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of such a tool. Search and briefly comment on similar tools available for testing and reviewing RWD web pages.



This is a report for the responsive web design analysis of a nominated website called and its museum company website that is used to advertise the various activities that are carried out in the company vicinity.

This museum company is called Queensland Maritime Museum and is mainly located at Brisbane River at the southern end of South Bank Parklands where it operates to receive the visitors on daily basis apart from few days in a year which includes 24th December until 26th December and on the Good Fridays.

This company is among the best companies in Brisbane as it is able to have a low costs while admitting their visitors and also they have a wide variety of maritime display and hence able to attract quite big number of visitors who range from family members, schools groups, tourist group, interstates and also the international visitors.


Below are some of the purposes of writing this report about which includes the following:

  1. To evaluate the above nominated website using the simulation tool.
  2. To use the device simulator tool to review the nominated website features.
  • To simulate the nominated website using five different screens displays.
  1. To critically make observations of the nominated website features.


However there are various objective of this report which includes the following:

  1. To view the nominated website in large, medium and tiny displays.
  2. Clear identification of the nominated website main features.
  • Identification of the positive and negative features in the nominated website.
  1. Identify the way of interacting and usability of the nominated website.
  2. Identifying the means of improving the website for better performance.
  3. To analyzing the simulation tool used stating the advantages and disadvantages.


In the current computing error the website development had been on rise since it had been one of the major means that the companies uses to advertise their products and also communicate to their target customers .

However the websites developed are required to be responsive in nature to ensure that all their target audience and customers are able to receive the required information using any of the devices that they uses .

In this report there is nominated website that require to be analysed using the simulation tool to identify the major features and how those features can be improved.

However the responsive web design is the approaches that are used in designing the websites where all their web pages are able to render effectively on various devices, windows or the screens sizes. The responsive websites therefore are able to display the contents, designs and performances across the devices to ensure that they are usable and satisfying.

When the website is designed and adapts the devices can be viewed in various ways including fluid, proportion based grids and the flexible images and therefore implementation of responsive web design has facilitated improvement of the mobile internet traffics which accounts to more than half of the internet traffic.

Nominated website

In this report the nominated website is which is a museum website and is used to advertise the maritime museum company which is located in Brisbane and mainly deals with tourism business where they hosts the visitors from various places and of different categories.

However the company website is made of various features which are important in attracting the website visitors in order to enable them visit the maritime museum.

The website features includes graphics, texts, website links, communication media, navigation maps, contacts details and slide shows which makes the website very interactive and appealing to the website audience and visitors.

Review using chrome device simulator

Below are the various reviewing output using the various displays which includes the large, medium and tiny displays in both landscape and portrait format.

(1) Large Display:

Desktop with 1280x768 pixels

Below is the desktop display which has 1280 x 768 pixels and mainly covers the large displays as shown below.

The above shows the large display on a desktop computer and the nominated website is able to cover the device screen effectively and all features are visible while others are visible after pulling the scroll bar downwards.

(2) Medium Display:

Mobile device with 480 x 640 pixels on portrait

Mobile device with 480 x 640 pixels on landscape

The above are the simulated medium devices displays where they are displayed in both portrait and landscape displays and they show that the nominated website is fully responsive.

(3) Tiny display:

Mobile device with 200 x 320 pixels on portrait

Mobile device with 200 x 320 pixels on landscape

The above are the simulated tiny devices displays of the nominated website where they are able to fit in the respective displays in both portrait and landscape and therefore the nominated website is termed to be responsive.

Main features of the website

The maritime museum website is made of various features that make it more users friendly, attractive and responsive and they are recommendable in the process of website design.

Among the main features of the maritime website includes:

  1. Company website logo.

The maritine museum website is designed where it is added a logo and this is a very nice feature since it is essential in giving the quick site of the company’s name and the type of services they offer since it is a museum company and thus the visitors of the website are able to get more information about the company and also book an appointment to visit the company (Clarke, 2015,p.367).

  1. Use of navigation menu.

The website has the navigation menu as another main feature where there are various links that are used by the visitors to navigate and move between the linked webs pages to read the information, however these links are important features since they are strategically located on the website for easy access to the website contents.

  • Use of slide show

In this website the slide show is another important feature that is used by the website developers and this assist in the display of the features and images of the services that are offered by the museum, this slide show consist of the images that are very attractive to the viewers and end up attributing to the rise of the number of the new visitors to the museum (Holzschlag, 2014,p.542).

  1. Use of navigation maps.

In this website there is the use of the map that is used to show the actual location of the company and this helps the visitors to know how they can navigate to the museum and how much time from their residence they can take to the museum.

  1. Use of footer

The footer is the other essential feature used in the website where it make the website design attractive and also is used to hold the phone contacts and the email contacts details as well.

  1. Use of contact details

The contacts are very essential in the website where the visitors are able to call the help desk or even send an email address requesting some information or even booking for a tour or a visit day in the company.

  • Highly responsive: Mobile compatibility.

The website has another good feature where it is compatible to the various visitors devices where some of the visitors uses their various devices to access the website over the internet and the website is able to appear well on the computer devices, mobile phones and tablets and thus the developers do not require to design different website designs for the various visitors.

  • Accessibility to all users.

The website is easy accessible to all people regardless of age and physical appearance where using the internet enabled devices the various users will be able to access the website with ease and therefore the website is able to cover a large set of audience and this ensures that the company information is spread to all the targeted customers.

  1. Well planned information architecture

In this website the features are well organised and this makes it possible to be easily usable, however even if this feature is neglected in other websites it is highly considered in this website and thus it end up making the website more attractive to various audiences, however the website is well planned with the sections and categories that makes the website features easy to find by the visitors and they are able to view the various company’s contents.

  1. Well formatted contents that is easily scanned

In this website the other feature is the well content format where the users and the website visitors just skims through the website content instead of reading the whole website pages from the beginning to the end of the web pages and this is achieved by having the key sections and words in the website.

This feature had been achieved through the use of the headings, sub-headings, paragraphs ,lists and bullets that are essential in breaking the texts that are easily scanned by the website visitors and readers.

  1. Speed: Fast load time

This website also has other feature where the website is able to load quickly and thus this feature motivates the visitors since the website is able to load within 4-6 seconds without any errors , however this feature have a positive impact on the ranks of the search engine as well.

  • Browsers consistency.

This website has another feature of consistency in the various browsers and the loading becomes more efficient, these inconsistencies that is caused by various browsers interpretation and thus while designing this website it was made consistent to all major browsers which includes chrome, internet explorer, Firefox, safari and opera and thus make this website look unique from the others.

  • Good errors handling

This website has an error handling feature that sends some error messages on the screen of user’s devices and this makes the website to be highly usable by the website visitors and users since this feature makes the website to be highly robust and bugs free and thus the error messages essentially improve the experience of the user and the usability (Griffiths, 2015,p.158).

  • Valid mark-up and clean codes

The valid mark up is another feature that had been used and this is used to endure that the best practices and standards are adhered to and thus making the website robust and hence the website users easily locates problems and troubleshoots where necessary.

  1. Colour contrast: contrasting colour scheme

Another feature of the website is the colour contrast where the website is designed where the background and the respective text is used appropriately, however the text which is black in colour with white backgrounds makes the website’s contents to be clear and legible with ease since the lack of contrast make it hard for the users of the website to read the contents (Grannell,2013,p.63).

Positive and negative aspects of the website

The maritine museum website has various features and they make it to have some positive and negative aspects of the website which are as follows:

Positive aspects

  1. The website has a quick load speed and thus users access it within a short period.
  2. The website has nice colour contrast that makes content easily legible.
  • The website has a list of the contacts details which the visitors are able to use to enquire something.
  • The website is having good browser’s consistencies and therefore users can use variety of browsers to access it (Zoe,2010,p.350).
  1. The website is highly responsive since it is accessible though any devices which is connected to internet.
  2. The website has a nice formatting of its contents that make the users to easily scan through the website contents.
  3. The website has good navigation features to allow the users to access to various website sections.
  • The website has the slide shows that are used to display the various features of the museum to the visitors.
  • The website has the navigation map that mainly guides the visitors on the location of the museum as they pay visit or plan to visit.

Negative aspects

  1. The website lack any communication and contact form that can be used to send the messages instated of calls or emails.
  2. The website has large images that possibly reduce the website loading speed.
  • The website has very long scrolling page that can make the visitors tire and leave the website.
  • The website only have navigation link on the upper side instead of having them also at the footer part(Gillenwater, 2012,p.230).

Two other persons to review the nominated website

After the reviewing of the website two other independent reviewers were able to analyse the nominated website where they give their respective views as below.

First person

This is the first reviewer who is a friend and reviewed the nominated website using the chrome device simulator, below is his personal details.

Age: 25 years

Gender: male

Profession: computer science.

This reviewer reviewed the website and found that his views were slightly different from mine due to the following reasons:

  1. He found that the website is loading at a relatively slow speed.
  2. He realised that the website is having poor colour contrasts and recommended for a bright colours to be used on the headings and sub-headings.
  • He viewed that the email and contacts number are enough for communication and there is no need of contact form.

Second person

This is the second reviewer who is a classmate and reviewed the nominated website using the simulation tool, below is his personal details.

Age: 25 years

Gender: male

Profession: information technology.

This reviewer reviewed the website and found that his views were common with mine due to the following reasons:

  1. He found that the website loading speed is recommendable and efficient.
  2. He reviewed that the website is responsive to various devices.
  • He recommended use of the contacts form to facilitate and ease the visitors and the staff’s communication.

Chrome device simulator tool

The chrome device simulator being the tool used to simulate the various devices has various advantages and disadvantages as below:


  1. The tool is easily used.
  2. The tool has ability to simulate variety of devices screens sizes.
  • It displays results quickly.


  1. It is unable to illustrate the actual devices features.

Similar tools available

The responsive test can be done using a number of simulation tools to test the responsiveness of the nominated tool and they are as follows:

  1. Mozilla Firefox device simulator.

It is a simulation device that is integrated within the Firefox browser and is used to carry out the responsiveness simulation (Freeman, 2015,p.110).

  1. Responsive web design simulator.

This is a chrome simulator and is integrated with the chrome browser as a plug-in and is meant to do the simulation.

  • Mobile browser emulators.

It is a simulator used to test the responsive websites and is integrated with the browser as a plug-in and is also good to do simulation.

  1. Responsive viewer simulator.

It is type of chrome responsive design simulator which is integrated in form of a plug-in and is used mainly for simulation purpose (Gasston, 2011,p.55).


The reviewing of the nominated website was able to give the over view of the major features that are important to the website and also identification of the weaknesses and thus below are some of the recommendations to improve the quality and service delivery of the nominated website.

Below are the various recommendations:

  1. The website to be added the contact form for easy and facilitated communication.
  2. The website to be added the navigation links at the footer.
  • The website images to be resized in order to reduce further the site loading speed.
  1. The website slide show to be minimised in order to improve the website loading speed.


This report is about reviewing of the nominated website in order to identify the major features in it , however during the process the positive and the negative features were identified where the website was found to be fast in loading, it has good colour contrasts, it is well planned to facilitate good arrangement of the website features, it is highly accessible through many website users and visitors, it is a good website in terms of browsers consistencies, and it finally it is efficient in handling the errors.

However reviewing was carried out using the chrome device simulator which was able to simulate the appearance and the various visible features of the website while viewed in the various devices.

After the reviewing the nominated website and finding the conclusion, the same website was reviewed by other two reviewers using the same simulator tool, however the reviewing of the nominated website attracted various recommendations for improving the nominated website which includes the addition of the website contact form, the resizing of the webpage images, introduction of the navigation links on the footer to facilitate the website navigation and also reduction of the slide show images to improve the website loading speed.


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