Cognitive Diversity And Individual Team Essay


Discuss about the Cognitive Diversity and Individual Team.



The purpose of this study is to understand the impact of team work effectiveness on the motivation of the employees in respect with the selected organisation named ‘My Little Genius Malaysia’. There is a vital role of team work effectiveness in the motivation of the employees as well as in the growth, success and development of the organisation. The effective teams offer a cooperative and familiar working environment to the employees which help in boosting their morale to work which in turn enhances their motivation level (Hu and Liden, 2010).
There are various significant researches and studies which have been conducted in past on team work effectiveness impact on employee motivation such as
Boakye (2015) did a research in Ghana, West Africa. The reason behind conducting this research in Ghana was to understand the impact in a hospital where there was the convenience sampling as well as to understand the teamwork majorly from the notion of a hospital. The difference between this research and other researches is that it is taken from an individual perspective with limited sample. Thus, does not give a broader view of analysis.
Hu and Liden (2010) did a research in companies of US and China. The reason behind conducting this research in US and China was to have a broader perspective. The difference between this research and other researches is that it involves a number of companies of both countries so to get an overall view rather than limited or individual view.
Chen, Sharma, Edinger, Shapiro and Farh (2011) did a research in US and Public Republic of China (PRC). The reason behind conducting this research in US and PRC was to understand the impact on the undergraduate students of both the nations. The difference between this research and other researches is that it involves a number of companies of both countries so to get an overall view rather than limited or individual view but with a different sampling group which comprises of undergraduates.
Issues in team works: While working in the teams, the most common issue faced is difficulty in decision making as when there are various number of members in a team and all of them have a different view point which complicates the decision making process (West, 2012). The second key issue is lack of participation of all the members as there are few people who are highly concerned for the success of the team whereas there are some members who not even participate. This results in increased conflicts and chaos (Tannenbaum, et al., 2012). But there are various benefits too of working in teams such as their develop learning and creativity as well as their takes place development of synergy by having a shared effort of all the team members for the accomplishment of a common objective which helps in faster accomplishment of the tasks (Levi, 2015).
Reasons of issues: There are various issues while working in team as there are people from diverse cultural groups with different view points and perspectives (West, 2012). And this results in developing challenges for the team members to have association with each other (Levi, 2015). On the other hand there is increased level of creativity as number of people have diverse opinions which are unique and helps in building innovation (Nishii, 2013).
Reasons of existence of issue in present time: The issues still exist because of the reasons that all the organisations are different and so the team and the team members (Shin, et al., 2012). Therefore a single theory or established approach cannot work in diverse teams and there exist various issues (Anderson, Poto?nik and Zhou, 2014).
Questionnaire will be distributed among employee in My Little Genius Malaysia, the sample size will be 200 employees and data will be collected on May 2018.
The research can be benefitted for the organisation as it will provide a clear view of the positive impact of team work effectiveness of the motivation of the employees and thus, the organization will focus on improving the effectiveness of the teams.


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