Coca Cola: Strategy Essay


Explain the Evaluation of the strategy of Coca Cola for structuring and organizing the international operations.


Background of the company Coca Cola:

The Coca Cola Company is an American multinational company that manufactures and retails the product. The company has its headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia. A famous pharmacist John Stith Pemberton invented the product in the year 1886. The brand name and the formula of Coca Cola brought in by Asa Griggs Candler ( 2016). The main operation of the company was based in North America. The company over the years has made some major acquisitions, which has made the company to strengthen the base of the company.

Evaluation of the strategy of Coca Cola for structuring and organizing the international operations:

The company Coca Cola in the year 1886 was the seller of cocaine infused elixir but sugary drink has come out in the year 1929. Coca Cola reports suggest there are more than 200 countries with 1.9 billion people consuming the product. The strategy that the company considered was unique and was market as tested formula (Cateora, Gilly and Graham 2013). The logo is unique and the font is unique which is recognised all over the world. The strategies applied is distribution in proprietary bottle, the retailers responsibility includes maintain higher level of standards ( 2015). The company Coca Cola advertised through the word of mouth and developed a voice. The prices were moreover fixed over the years, which was a very important strategy as this helped the company to gather a large market share around the world (Business Insider 2016).

Implementation of the strategy by Coca Cola:

The unique formula that was adopted by the company Coca Cola was market tested. John Pemberton wanted to develop coca wines. The law was passed in Atlanta then the forced manufacturers of the beverage to produce non-alcoholic type of drinks. Pemberton had unique and tailored taste of the customers. The New Coke disaster has made the brand unique 1985 and the recipe remained unchanged. The company gained advantage without tailoring the taste to regional market. The logo is unique and this has a deep history, which has already imprinted in the mind of the world. The Coca Cola has commissioned the design of the bottle as defensive type of marketing but the promotion will be just like the logo and the product. The Coke bottle is a type of icon. The adjustment of the prices of Coke over the years is 5 cents.

Reason for the company Coca Cola to attain success and become a global brand:

The company Coca Cola despite having a massive industry globally with a huge number of products did not move away from the basic and the timeless ideals. Throughout the decade with the number of campaigns, they were able to propagate effective message to the customers.

The Company Coca Cola holds a global status and thus finds a way through which they speak to the customers at the local level. It was initially introduced in Australia and has successfully expanded in 50 countries. The offering in each country is customized as per the local language and culture and thus it has become a local name as well.


The company Coca Cola by following few easy marketing strategies can compete in the international market. Strategies that are applied were brilliant which made the company a recognizable brand. The company has gathered a huge market share around the world and this is likely increase with the increase in the base of the customers. A number of strategies Coca Cola considered before it ventured in the international market. With the strategies, the company was able to get large sales from around the world. The sale from US is 43%, 37% from India, Pakistan, Mexico, China and 20% from the rest of the world.


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