Clear policy needed on foreign labour Essay

Therefore, the solution for this consequence is policies can help to reduce the unemployment. At the policy level, this issue of relying on foreign workers must be reviewed and reviewed on a regular basis, with information on priorities and directions being sent to our industry in the context of hiring foreign workers for at least three to four years. If we no longer depend on foreign workers, we will not be able to carry out major economic activities. A clear policy will also help the immigration department regulate and manage the inflow of foreign workers, the standards that all employers should follow when they are employed, and the impact of their stay here. They should also be treated well because they indirectly help our economic growth process.

Economic regulation is not an easy task because it requires a deep understanding and balance of the interests of consumers, industry and government. I am not sure that many of our regulators have a deep understanding of these issues. There may be many employers who abuse or abuse foreign workers, who should be severely punished by law. Similarly, illegal foreign workers and their importers who risk national security should not go unpunished. There are many Malaysian employers who are also immoral and there are many reports in the newspaper. I must say that our Immigration Department, and especially the current leader, Datuk Seri Mustafa Ali, has accelerated many procedures and procedures to assist employers, one-person plantations, and families who need maids. His response to Felda Global Venture's focus on labor shortages is exemplary.

In addition, the 2018 national budget further promoted the recruitment of maids without the use of agents, a good gesture that the government puts forward to the family when both parents work and contribute to the economy. Of course, families must rely more on machines (such as washing machines and coffee machines) to plan and manage household workloads, and to make children more helpful at home to reduce dependence on outside workers. So even at home. Overseas, the dependence on maids is no longer popular, for the simple reason that their maintenance costs are consistent with human rights needs and wage laws. In other words, the main measure to reduce dependence on foreign workers is employers in the private sector. They only need mechanization, automation and computerization to buy more robots. These initiatives are fully motivated. Private sector employers must internalize public policies in terms of goals, spirit and expediency. In the short term, manual and manual work can be filled by low-skilled foreign workers. It is also good to hire foreign workers for high-skilled occupations if there are no Malaysians or insufficient supply. The agenda behind many immigration approvals and approvals is that employers should assist the country by taking steps to gradually reduce dependence on foreign workers, while also trying to take measures to allow foreign workers to be replaced by Malaysians. They also need to pay higher wages to attract more Malaysians who are unemployed and unemployed. The percentage of national income generated by wages (about 32%) still lags behind that of developed countries (55%). There is no excuse to curb wages, especially in order to maintain profitability and retain investment. Business activities should be based on sound economics, not on cost suppression and any form of disguised subsidies. This is more durable. Yes, the dependence of Malaysian employers on external workers will remain with us, perhaps forever, especially as we modernize and transform. Malaysians must work in high-tech, so it may be necessary for others to fill these people. Similarly, in the process of seeking an economic transformation, we may need higher skills that would otherwise be unavailable or available in a limited supply. After observing many aspects of dependence on foreign workers, it is necessary to develop clear policies for the use of foreign workers in the short, medium and long term, and recommend that employers understand and understand the meaning of these policies

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