Cleaning house checklist Essay

Nothing is better than going home relaxed and stress-free because everything is well-organized and clean, no eyesore, no mess. In this topic, we will know how frequent we should clean each part of the house.In order to maintain our homes clean and organized, we should always remember how and when to clean everything inside our house. As a reminder, you can use this checklist as your guide in maintaining the cleanliness of your home. We can do the tasks in a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Here are some tips:


Make Your Bed

We need to make sure we make our bed every morning after waking up to avoid bugs and odor build up. Of course, it is the place where we sleep and rest every night and we all want to feel comfortable, to have a good night sleep and for us to get complete hours of sleep so that we will have a good mood and be ready for the next day.

Load or Empty Your Dishwasher

We do not want to keep those dirty dishes in the sink for days or weeks. It needs to be cleaned every day, this is where we put the utensils we use to eat, we need to make sure it is cleaned well because we might get sick if not.

Take Out the Trash

I normally do this every night, I never skip putting the trash out to prevent the house from getting stinky because of the garbage in the trash bin.

Wipe the Sink, Counters, and Tables

Molds live and grow in a cold and moist place. That is why we need to keep these areas clean and dry. We want to prevent mold build up because it can make us sick especially if a person has allergies or asthma. Being exposed to molds can also irritate our nose, skin, throat, lungs, and eyes.

Wipe Down Counters, Toilet Seats, Floors, Bath Tub, and Sink Inside the Bathroom

Apart from preventing mold build up, we need to also keep the bathroom dry after we use it in the morning or at night to avoid accidents such as slipping and falling that can cause sprains and broken bones.Sweep the Floor and Put all the Toys, Magazines, and other Objects to their Respective PlacesWe can do this every morning and every night so that toys will not be scattered all over the floor and for us to avoid stepping on these things that can make us injured. Also, sweeping the floor can prevent dust build up that can cause allergies.


Have Your Floors Mopped or Vacuumed

We want to make sure that there are no stains on the floor especially if the floor is carpeted. There are ways on how to carpet clean yourself or you can also hire a carpet cleaning service that can help you. It is important to maintain the floors cleaned because if the dirt and stains cannot be removed then it will cost you more money to have it replaced.

Check and Throw Away Food that Is Already Expired

We need to check our pantries, cabinets, and refrigerators if there are food that is already expired. Of course, we do not want to eat or consume spoiled or expired food because it can make us sick. This can cause us diarrhea, food poisoning, and stomachache.

Change and Wash Your Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases, and Towels

This should be done regularly every week to avoid dust build up in the bedroom especially on the bed where we sleep. Dust inhalation can cause severe allergies that can affect our lungs, nose, and throat. It feels comfortable if your towels and bed sheets are always clean and fresh.

Dust all the Hard Surfaces and Wipe all Appliances

We do this weekly so that we can maintain sparkly clean appliances. Clean the refrigerators, ovens, and microwave inside and out. You can use foam and cloth to do this to prevent it from scratching and damaging.

Wipe and Disinfect the Mirrors and Countertops

We normally put our personal things on the countertops while brushing our teeth, washing our face or even applying makeup on our face that is why it is important to have it cleaned, everybody wants to face in front of the mirror and see a clear reflection of ourselves.

Disinfect and Scrub Toilets, Kitchen Sink, Showers, and Bath Tubs

We do not want to get sick that is why we need to have all these areas of the house disinfected because these are being shared to everyone in the house. We do not want to spread the viruses and bacteria to each and every member of the family.


Disinfect Light Switches, Door Knobs, and Remote Controls

These are things that everyone in the house touches and because of that, diseases can be acquired and with disinfecting, we can prevent it from happening.

Wipe Down the Kitchen Cabinets and Pantry Shelves

Since these places are to where we store our food, we need to make sure that we wipe it down at least every month to keep away insects like ants, cockroaches, and mice.

Dust and Clean Vents and Fans

Apart from preventing these things from breaking because of dust and dirt that has stuck, we also want these to work properly so we can have enough ventilation and air throughout the house.

Clean, Deodorize, and Scrub Burner Grates, Stove Top, and Microwave

By having these things cleaned and maintained, we can have better-tasting food and also can prevent food from spoiling easily. Cleaning them will prevent rust build up that can destroy these appliances resulting in purchasing new equipment that can lead to spending more money. There are tips on how to clean your microwave.Vacuum UpholsteryThere are different types of upholstery and ways of cleaning it depending on what materials these were made of. Everyone in the house sit and uses it, even our pets. Some pets tend to shed and if we will not be able to clean it, it might cause allergies.After you accomplish these things, you can just sit back and enjoy watching television while drinking a glass of ice cold water or freshly squeezed fruit juice to feel refreshed.

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