Children of the night Essay

Protect The Children Of The Night

Are you considered a child of the night? To understand what it is to become children of the night; humans must look at the most important child of the night “Bats”. For centuries, humans have seen bats as demons or something evil because they come out only at night. While others look at them as beautiful creatures, the truth is that they are important to humans and plants survival today. Bats provide the most basic thing that plants need to survival that is pollination. Bats also provide safety from irritating insects for example mosquitoes. Humans need to know more facts and research to know why bats are important species and why they are important to local plants; along with why their population is decreasing in the state of Florida.

There are many issues facing the Chiroptera mammals “best known as the bats” (Smithsonian, 1980). Scientist and others have wonder for years why bats and other flying mammals do for the ecosystem and their importance. Bats have been around for centuries to help and protect plants from insects that eat and kill plants. Bats are also known to humans as demons or something evil; for example",

Western European traditions of old, as well as modern popular media, have often

perpetuated a horror of bats and beliefs about the terrible consequences of encountering

one. Many species of bats make their home in caves, giving them an association with the

underworld and death. Many species, but not all, are active in the night and sleep in the

daytime, further adding to their mystery (Stephanie Hall, 2016).

As a matter of fact, bats are no less evil than humans are; in fact, bats are actually helpful to humans. In certain studies scientist have found four major issues facing the bat species today. Bats are declining in numbers because many of the bats species homes and nests are being torn down by deforestation. These mammals need their nest and homes to sleep, eat, and reproduce in for their everyday survival if they wish to repopulate the bat species. In certain studies scientist have claimed, “Bats are valuable indicators of biodiversity and ecosystem health and respond to a range of stressors related to environmental change due to deforestation.” (Jones et al. 2009). Humans cut down forest, tear up water streams all to build factories, roads, and housing to make their selves happy but in doing so they destroy the lives of millions of bats. Bats need forest to make nest, houses, to find the proper food supplies. In some studies evidence have shown that “Bats have Approximately 250 of the 850 known species of bats (about 29%) are partially or wholly dependent upon plants as a source of food” (Fleming, 1982). If humans do not look closer at the deforestation in the state of Florida bats will die out sooner than people think. Bats also suffer from declining population because some of the species suffer from white nose syndrome. Evidence shows that “white-nose syndrome gets its name from the white fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans, which infects the skin on the muzzle, ears, and wings of hibernating bats and was discovered by USGS scientists” (Campbell, 1982). This fungus has killed millions of bats over the years and will continue too; if scientists do not come up with a way to prevent and heal the bats from it. With bats not having forest to live in they are resulting to manmade homes know as bat boxes or manmade landscapes known as bat conservations. With bats declining in numbers humans have come up with some ideas on how to assist the reproduction of the spices by making box boxes or land made conservations. Bat boxes “mimics the space between bark and a tree trunk. Bat boxes work best when they are very narrow, tight spaced, painted dark colors and have caulk insides that are rough inside. This type of bat box when created the right way makes the best idea for nursing” (Brown, 1986). Bat conservations like Lubee in Gainesville, Florida also provides services that saves bats and their habitats through research, conservation, and education” (Wilson, 2018). Many scientists believe these preventions will increase the lives of many bat species if we take the time to do more research. The last topic of discussion on why the bats are declining is the evidence that humans are throwing or placing more chemicals into the land and water where the bats live. Studies over the years have shown that framers use “industrial-scale pesticides in the 1950s that posed the greatest threat. Bats ingested PCB, DDT, lindane, and other chemicals that were used to combat insects, protect wood, and clear brushwood, and being ravenous eaters, they can consume high doses of chemicals if they are present in their food” (Eklof, and Rydell, 2017). With these major issue’s bats depend on the help of scientist and other humans if they are to survive.

Many scientist and others believe that the issue of the chemicals being placed or put into the land and water is the most pressing out of the four issues. People believe this to be to be the biggest issue is because if the land and water would not have any contamination or chemicals in it, the bats would have enough sources to survive in its natural habitat. These issues do not just affect the bat but also effects other land and water creatures. Chemicals in the land have shown research that “freshwater ecosystem has been potentially exposed to diffuse pollution generated by agricultural and livestock activities, which seriously compromise its ecological balance” (Abrantes, 2010). If the people of Florida or the state government would look at more research on how to use less chemicals on or in the plants and in the water than the bats would have more changes of reproducing naturally in their own environment instead of manmade habitats.

If humans or other scientist does not assist with the increasing of the bat species than they will not only be on a red list (as they already are) but will be extinct forever. If people do not continue look at the research behind what and why the bats are decreasing, they will result in extinction. Which will cause trees and other plants to not be pollinated by bats. The extinction of bats will also cause an increase of bugs and insects to overgrow and over populate the state of Florida. Then if humans continue to spill more poison or chemicals into the bats habitats they will cease to exist forever.

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