Child Essay

When you all know, when being an EYP, you must know that every child is not all same, but the way they grow and the way they behave, may relevant to all of a kid. This explains that, when saying not all kids is same, which means, there are roughly particular amounts of children, who has a ill health which in this case their brain isn’t developing properly, in addition, children might not understand any words that the people are saying.

However, other kids who does not have any sorts of ill health, whether is physical, mentally, or any other way that they behave, the brain of the child is constantly growing rapidly, as well as, their thinking skills that are functioning well, also the children tend to grow wisely when they get older in the future. These explains that, they may talk in maturely way, or they may act appropriate ways towards others, or they get attracted at studying something new in order to build up their brain.

Speech, language and communication development.

When doing a conversation about speech, language, and communication growth of the children, every EYP need to recognise that, they need to ensure that they teach every child in what way they need to communicate in an appropriate way towards another person.

This means, they must be taught to speak in a way that another individual would recognize what he/she are saying.

These could support every single children when understanding what they are studying from story books and support them in writing skill. This could also help them in socialising and interacting with other people, and it could encourage them in discussing as soon as they have any issues of trouble.

Furthermore, these may as well support also persuading children in behaving in an appropriate way towards other people in the future. This can also avoid them in getting consequences from the teachers or anyone. This means that, once the children are behaving inappropriate manner, they may get in trouble as soon as they get older.

Communication and language in the EYFS

Also, this is another subject, in which, each and every early year’s practitioner must recognise once it comes to children’s communication. Once you are cooperating towards children, you must speak to the children in gentle.

In addition, you as an EYP’s must as well allow children in speaking by taking your time out in paying attention in what they are saying, specifically when they are in a bad situation, which are very crucial for children when sharing this situation towards you.

As you as an EYP know that, young children tend to share any kinds of situation to you, especially when they are feeling isolating and they may want to communicate to someone.

Also, each and every child may have a habit in asking you a lot of questions, but you need to be prepared in answering every questions they ask you, no matter the quantity of their questions, it is still obligated towards you in answering the questions they are asking you in a polite as well as, appropriate ways, in which the children can understand it.

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