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There have been many films like 'Tare land on', 'Three Idiots', 'Reservation', 'Nil But Sinat', 'Choke and Duster', but it is the first time to lick the education apparatus, raising questions on the education system in Bollywood. The termite of the cheating mafia has been exposed in such a way that your eyes become wide and you fall into thinking. It will be the strength of the subject, which is known as serial kisar, Imran Hashmi did not confine himself in the form of actor but decided to become a creator.

The story is of a man like Rakesh Singh alias Rocky (Imran Hashmi), who has undergone the burden of his family and dreams and has walked on a path of cheating, which he considers not just for others but also for others. In the Rakesh Education system, it is a mafia that has penetrated in-depth, which leverages the flaws in education system. Uses the intellect and merit of poor meritorious students. These poor qualified students give entrance exams for disadvantaged children, and it charges a lot from the parents of those rich children. By giving money to poor children, Rakesh is free from guilt. One of his victims is Sattu (Snigdadeep Chatterjee) and his sister (Shreya Dhanvantari) also comes under his influence.

n the last two-three decades, the education sector has emerged as one of the most profitable businesses. In every city, like the Kukurmuta, the flourishing coaching institute gives its testimony. But the turnover from the back door in medical, engineering, MBA institutions is bigger than the coaching business. For each seat, rich people are ready to give millions of rupees so that their neglected children enter such a institution. In this work, they help the broker, who have access everywhere. They do this by throwing money everywhere and making big money themselves. This is no hidden thing. Most people are aware of this. The reports of paper leakage of various competitive examinations are common. People engaged in this business also get hold of, but this business is never depressed. Imran Hashmi's 'Y Cheat India' is based on this topic.


Rakesh Singh alias Rocky (Imran Hashmi) is a scam, who makes money for incorrectly admitted students in engineering colleges. For this, he makes a meritorious student in the examination instead of those students, who passes the test due to his talent and gets an ineligible student for admission. The people of Rakesh have spread in many cities of the country. Satyendra alias Sattu (Snighadip Chatterjee) is a middle class family boy who has achieved very good rank in the All India Engineering Examination. On the eyes of Rakesh goes to Sattu. By taking advantage of her compulsion, she prepares him to take engineering entrance exams instead of others by trapping him in greed. Sattu sits in such examinations for many students, while doing his engineering studies. In this sequence, Rakesh has to visit Sattu's house and his sister Nupur (Shreya Dhanvantari) starts loving with Rakesh.

Sattu has to prepare for his studies as well as engineering entrance exams, so he works hard day and night. To deal with this pacer, he goes to the shelter of drugs. One day he is caught with drugs and is fired from his engineering college. He comes in the depression. Rakesh gives him a job in Qatar and closes the chapter of Sattu and searches for new 'sattu'. In the meantime, the police is behind Rakesh and he has to go to jail, but he immediately gets released because he has a leader's hand on his head. After that Rakesh starts the business of getting Admission in the MBA institutes instead of admission in engineering colleges as it has more earnings. In this regard, he reaches Mumbai, where he meets Nupur after a long time. The relationship between the two starts again, but the outcome of this love story is not like common love stories ...

This film raises a contemporary issue. In this, there are questions raised in the education sector as well as the middle-class mentality, which seem reasonable. This is a topic related to the life of a common man. But as far as the theme is good, the script is not as good as it is, so the film can not produce that effect. Rakesh's story of treason, along with his personal life story goes on parallel. But it has not been woven properly, due to which there are holes in place. This has also affected the speed of the film. An attempt has been made to present the topic in a fun way. The film is not cumbersome anywhere But if the script and direction of Saumik Sen was slightly more direct, then it would be considered as a good film category. The film is much better in the first half. The second half decreases its composition slightly. One thing is clear from the director that how brokers adopt how to get admission through cheating in competitive examinations. The film's dialogues are fun in many places. Song music is not something special.


Imran Hashmi's performance is fantastic. He has found himself in the role of a vicious broker. He has raised a different shed in his character's business and personal life. Acting is one of his finest films. Shreya Dhanvantari has done a great job, especially in the second half, she is very impressed. Snighadeep Chatterjee is also frozen. She is engaged as an engineering student. They get a glimpse of Rahul Bose. In the role of Rakesh's friend Bablu, Manuja Sharma could not work as per his capacity. Although there is less to this, the fault of the script is much more. The rest of the artists are also fine.

Overall the film does not disappoint. This film can be seen for the fine presentation of the subject and the acting of Imran Hashmi.

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