Charlie and the chocolate factory Essay

The history of Auggie: this is the story of Auggie, a kid that have a very difficult birth, the

doctors make him a total of 27 operations for: make his body work well and for make his face

beautiful, of course, that doesn't happen, that's why his ",mother teach Auggy in house until he

have 10 years, that starts the high school. His class teammates, specialty Julian a kid of a rich


The days pass, Auggy is alone until one day that come Jack, a friend of Julian but it wants to

be his friend. All is great for Auggy but his favorite day halloween, is disguise and enter in

the classroom and listen ask Julian to Jack: why you are with Auggy ?

He says: because the principal say me, and he follow me everywhere. That is not true but he

wants to be “cool”. After that Auggie become like in the start, a person with no friends.

One happens something to Auggie like the pass time, Sussie, one of his classmate, come to

him and start taking, he have again a new friend, but that's no not important, the important is

that Auggie confess to Sussie what happened, why he is angry with Jack. Sussie tell that to

Jack and they start being friends again. Will that happen, Julian meke bullying to Auggie

until the principal decided to expel him for a few days, the quantity of days necessary for not

come to the camp.

The history of Via: Via is the brother of Auggie, that is on the high school to, she first start

looking to sign up on a club, he meets a boy that is singing up in the theatre club, Via doesn't

like the idea of the theater, but yes the idea of be his boyfriend.

In the theater club she sees his best friend called Miranda, that in the summer vacation",was

very different that how is now, Miranda in secret, tall every one of the people of the school: I

have a brother with a deformity, for that now Miranda start “hating” Via. After a few days",

Miranda apologize for what she do.

I personal like this book, is a very, VERY pretty history and I feel identified with Auggie",

when I was in 3 of primary, 5-7 kids made me bullying for being jewish. And I feel the same

that Auggie feel, be trash, you don't want to go school because your teammates will make you

feel the worst thing ever.

I personal recommended, and dat is say buy a person how only reads books for the freaking

book report ( Isra pls bring again the Tween Tribune, is exhausting do the book report).

For finally (and of course for not arrive to the 500 words) I think: the entire word needs to

change his ways to think, for example in England there is a women that have 70 of

overweight and if yous say something bad, you are a bad person, the same withe the “uglys”


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