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The Excusive and Memorable Clues for Life from A Rare Person

Here stands the man who is full of rich knowledge that is worth spreading as family history. I am so proud to have this man with me today. This man is named Saad Ghanem Al – Saraf. He is my grandfather. I am about to know more about his golden knowledge. My Grandfather had three incredible and unbelievable highlights in life which made all the difference.

This was the all about my grandfather’s childhood. Let’s start this adventure. These were the inspiring words he said.

“I was born in Baghdad in 1950. When I was born, I had two siblings-- Wafa’a and Iman. Both of my sisters were bigger than me. Then Saffa’a was born. After that Monna was born. Until now, I was the only boy between my siblings. I did not have brothers that time I only had 4 sisters. But then when I was 14 Hussein was born. He was my only brother. After two years I had another brother Mohamed. And all of those are my siblings I had 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I was the oldest boy. We all lived in Mosel, Iraq. My childhood was the best time of my life. I loved school. The best part was when I walked to school and caught up to my friends during the way. Friends were amazing that time. We laughed together and played together and most importantly we got dirty together because in order to play and have fun you need to get dirty. I was not the smartest person nor the weakest person in school. I was an average student. I had fun bothering teachers. I use to laugh a lot in school and joke around. I loved to play with my friends more than to study. We always had fun during that time. These days were the best days of my life.”

My grandfather’s childhood looked amusing. In my opinion childhoods in the past are more enjoyable. These days most of the kid’s childhood are based on technology. Kids this time would rather play video games than go outside. Moreover, going to school by walking seems enjoyable, but these days walking to school is not safe. The kids in the past seems to have a memorable childhood. My grandfather’s childhood seemed to have cheerful moments with friends and siblings.

“Growing up with my brothers and sisters was interesting because I got to see them growing up with me. I was close to my sisters only because my brothers were too young, but I still loved all my siblings. During youth I played sports with my friends and we got dirty together. The best thing was walking around in the street at the neighborhood playing with my friends after school. Also, during youth, I got into a lot of trouble. I got into trouble in school and in the neighborhood. I remember once I was playing with rocks in the street by mistake. I threw a rock to a window and broke it, then I ran away. Then the home owner talked to my father and my father paid him. During that time no one cared if they were rich or not. Money was nothing during that time. My family were not rich nor poor we were comfortable. I would rather go back in time to those enjoyable days than to stay in this time.”

Well, my grandpa’s youth looked hilarious. I was curious about my grandfather’s youth. I wanted to know about the troubles he got into. Knowing about my grandfather’s youth was hilarious. I can tell that my grandpa mastered being a trouble maker. Besides that, I can tell that he was a great brother for his siblings. He cared about them.

“After studying in Mosel, it was a dream for me to study at Romana High School at Beirut. I managed to go to Romana with the help of my parents. Back in those days it was safe to travel alone and young without communicating with your family. I met so many people and it was such an honor to study there. After high school I went back to Iraq to study college. I studied business during college. My parents were always there for me and without them I wouldn’t be here. I proposed a business plan and investment plans. I messed up so many times trying to find a great business that would make me successful. My father kept on giving me lessons to make a business that will give a good income. But when I was 26 my father passed away.”

I am so glad that my grandfather accomplished his dreams and flew to Beirut to study. My grandfather seems to be overjoyed for going there and if I was there, I would be overjoyed too. Thank God I am in a great school. My grandfather really loved that school in Beirut. The reason is that he meets new people from different countries and cultures. He used to tell me stories on how he was full of joy going to this school. When my grandfather was a young adult, he seemed to be pleased with his life but not after the shocking news of his father’s passing. Moreover, he was failing in his business. He worked hard and made many business plans, but the response was low. These moments were hard for him.

“My father taught me many lessons and I learned so much from the mistakes that I made. Then I made my business and it became successful. I wish my father was here to show him, that I did it I became successful. I want to show him that I learned from his lessons and from my mistakes. My business gave me a huge income and I started to make more companies. Since I was the oldest boy in the family and I took care of my siblings and my mother. I took care of my family as a father and as a brother. My sisters and my mother did not work, and my brothers were still young. But then my sisters got married and my brothers grew up and worked in business. With the help of lessons of my father, my business became successful. It was not easy to become successful. I worked hard to be on this level. After becoming successful I helped my brothers to become successful too. After my father passed away, I made sure that my siblings got good care and helped my brothers to become who they are. After being successful I got married to Ragdah which is your grandmother. Then I got three kids-- Ahmad which is the oldest, then Tamara then Ghanem. After the kids were grown and got raised, I helped Ahmad and Ghanem to make businesses for themselves. After that my kids and I became successful. The best thing in the world seeing that you made difference in this life, after seeing my kids growing up made me feel that I did something special in this life and I had successes in life. Then me and my kids shared many businesses and I realized that I chose the right path.”

Life can be marvelous sometimes. However, it can also be atrocious. During the time when my grandfather was a young adult life dragged him downwards into deep, dark and heartbroken moments full of tears. But then there were no tears left to cry. It was time to switch paths and make sure he was on the right path. My grandfather then rose up. He worked hard then jumped out of the deep hole full of depression. I am sure it was not easy to get out of this hole. The lessons he learned from his father and the mistakes he did, he finally became successful. He made it out of the hole by working hard. This teaches me a lesson too that the person should never quit and always learn from your mistakes. My grandpa made a business that had a huge income. My grandfather was like the father in his family he was working to pay the bills. The most important thing in this world is family. What my grandfather did made me stand a moment and think how incredible and unbelievable it was for him to work and have a huge income to pay the bills. Without my grandfather this family wouldn’t be here and my father and I wouldn’t be here. The story does not end here. He helped his brothers to become successful too. Then the brothers became successful. My grandfather and his brothers became successful and paid the bills for his sisters and mother. When my father and uncle grew up my grandfather helped them to become successful. Is it unbelievable? My grandfather made so much for this family. He accomplished his dreams. The most important highlights he made was when he was like a father and a brother for his siblings. Also, when he made a business that had a huge income making him helping others. Moreover, when his children and grandchildren was born, and he made sure that his children and grandchildren will have the best life ever. I am so glad that I have this inconceivable grandfather.

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