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Character research of Othello

“Othello” is a tragedy and Othello is a tragic hero. Othello is a
general within the solution of Venice. He could be good, courageous, brave and
trustworthy. But he's got some weaknesses such as insecurity; he is
too open, naïve, and gullible, Iago plays on his weaknesses which
brings about his downfall and he kills himself. This causes the
suffering of innocent individuals like Desdemona, Emilia, Cassio and
Roderigo. The audience also feel pity for Othello and this creates a
sense of wastage at the end. Iago’s main aim would be to bring about
Othello’s downfall. He's got multiple reasons with this, including their anger as
Othello rejected him for the post of lieutenant and he hates the fact
that a black guy has such a high position, who's got the power to reject
him. Iago’s intend to destroy Othello is especially inspired by racism. He
suspects that Othello slept together with spouse. This play ended up being written by
Shakespeare within the 17th century. Throughout that time, the attitude of the
people towards the black colored people ended up being negative. The black colored people were
treated as lower class citizens. This play is initially set in Venice
in the mid 15th century. The Venetians would likewise have addressed them
worse and in a different way. Shakespeare desired to show the black colored character
in an optimistic light and produce sympathy for him representing him as a
victim of racism to produce a comment on his culture. Shakespeare uses
various dramatic products in this play. This essay will show what
extent racism contributes to Othello’s downfall.

Act 3 scene 3 is very important because this is actually the scene where the
character of Othello changes. Before this scene, Shakespeare has
already ena...

… middle of paper…

...on as a consequence of Othello’s insecurities,
such as envy. It might be argued these insecurities are
caused mainly by the racist culture. Which at its heart it really is racist
and sees him as an outsider as this play is scheduled on Venice. It's not
just Iago who refers to him as a moor. “i will be one sir…… moor are now
making the beast with to backs”. But Brabantio additionally claims that “Look to
her, moor, if thou…… that can thee”. Othello also recognises this as a
possible reason behind Desdemona’s infidelity. “For haply I am black……”
However there is an added consideration take into consideration Othello
acts with reason, rather then emotion when he decides to kill
Desdemona; He still really loves her. But his should be in charge is
stronger in the long run. He feels that their responsibility would be to kill the girl. Finally
both the facets can be blamed.

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