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The business world has been rapidly changing since the spread of globalisation and every industry is now full of infinite number of foreign and domestic rivals. In such a competitive scenario, business organisations are largely relying upon their human resources management to achieve market competencies.

Sales personnel or the employees working in the sales department are one of the most important resources that can help an organisation in achieving greater market success. The competencies required for sales person to contribute more towards the success of an organisation are also undergoing a change with the changing business environment. The sales executives are now required to extensively communicate with the customers in order to understand their needs and demands, which allows them to achieve higher sale targets. Thus, with the increase in market competition, the competencies required for the human resources are also changing.

Automobile industry

Automobile industry is one of the largest and the most competitive industries in the global business world. The industry is one of the greatest contributor towards the GDP of a number of economies and is expected to grow at a very high rate in the upcoming years. Automobile industry is also very competitive for the sales representatives working in it because for every product, there are possibly more than 5-10 rival products (Pandya, 2012). Further, the customers also make careful decisions because of the involvement of large investment, which makes it harder for the sales representatives to convince them.

Recruiting sales representatives

Recruitment is a process of identifying job vacancies, inviting applications for the vacancies identified and selecting the right fit from the applications received. Recruiting sales representatives in any industry is a difficult task because the demand for sales staff is always high but a lot of candidates do not prefer sales related jobs. On the other hand, business organisations too require people who are well qualified and have some experience in the past while working in the sales field. Therefore, recruitment of sales representatives is a dubious task in the automobile industry. A recruitment plan for recruiting sales representatives is given below:

First of all, to ensure efficiency of the sales department, it is must that the sales representatives have efficient communication skills that can allow them to communicate with the customer in the language that they prefer. They should be able to communicate with the customers in such a way that they are able to extract a great deal of knowledge, such as needs, demands, intent to make a purchase decision, expectations, etc. from the conversation itself (Itani, et al., 2017). The sales representatives should have sufficient knowledge about consumer buying behaviour so that they can analyse the information that the customers unintentionally share through their conversation. Therefore, looking for people who have good communication skills and sufficient knowledge about the buyer behaviour in the automobile industry can help in setting up a competitive sales staff.

Secondly, to increase the overall effectiveness of the organisation on the whole, it is important to recruit sales representatives that have a great deal of knowledge about the market and the products that the rival companies are offering. Sales representatives should be aware about the market conditions so that they can have a healthy communication with the customers and inform them about the market scenario (Shorr, 2013). They should also be aware about the offers that their rivals are offering to the customers so that they can compete with them. Having extensive market information provides the sales representatives with an upper hand in the negotiation. Therefore, the human resource managers should definitely test the market awareness of the candidates who apply for the job position of a sales representative (Barnett & Robinson, 2013).

Thirdly, the human resource management should ensure that they adequately test the capabilities of the candidates, rather than stressing more upon their past performances. The human resource managers can include simulation exercises in the recruitment process where they can test the capabilities of the applicants. The simulation exercises can be designed in such a way that the applicants are required to either sell a random product that the interviewers offer to them or have to talk about a fictitious company (Helmrich, 2014). The performance of the applicant can then be used to identify certain important competencies, such as the ability to communicate, the ability to handle pressure, presentation abilities and the ability to be honest during customer dealing, which is one of the most important thing that a sales representative should possess.

Fourthly, it might not cross the mind of a number of people but testing the technical skills and knowledge of the applicants is also important to establish an effective sales representative team. For a sales representative to perform well in the automobile industry, it is important for him or her to have complete knowledge about the products. For example, a sales representative being appointed for selling cars in the market should be aware about all the technical specifications of a car in general. Sales representatives should be aware about engine specifications, safety features, etc. if they want to achieve the performance objectives. Thus, the human resource managers should make sure that the person they are hiring has sufficient technical knowledge so that he or she can completely explain the minutest details of the product to the potential customers (Rotenberg, 2014).


Recruiting sales representatives is not an easy task as the overall market success of a company is largely dependent on the competencies and capabilities of its sales department. Moreover, in an industry like the automobile industry, which is one of the most competitive industries, the dependency of the companies on their sales staff to achieve the performance objectives or the sales target increases even more. Therefore, it is important for the companies operating in the automobile sector to design efficient recruitment strategies that can help them in identifying competent sales representatives, who can make significant contributions towards the achievement of organisational goals and objectives.


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