"Changeling" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Who is the Clint Eastwood ? A guy in a hat and walk around with a revolver on the towns of the Wild West? As a rule, yes, and to him the image caught on yet with classic westerns. He rode up to us from one horizon oblilsya glory and honor, and then in the wake of our ambitions and unknown areas jumped to the new, with the highest peaks relating to the firmament of directors. And then the world saw another Eastwood - Eastwood-directed. Yes, and not ordinary, not ordinary, not 'hlyupenkogo' and director with a huge pendulum-like letters. Filled with wisdom creator won the respect of viewers dazzling rarity. Let the old man sleeping in his bed in an embrace with the "Oscar", but it is important that few people would lose him precious love and admiration, because Clint, being a jeweler live dramas, film history has turned, not dramatically, but at 10 degrees for sure. The aged body, but cheerful thought, mutilated lives, but sturdy impeccable talent. Eastwood is a good man, then do not say anything: plant a tree, build a house, raise a child, he made the film
admitted Followed amendment:. Several films. And almost all gone in the category places of worship. Really. As Eastwood's face. "Unforgiven" - and the award for best director in Clint in his pocket. "Million Dollar Baby" - and another statue stands in the window of your home. At the same time the rest of the picture, if not brought any weighty awards, also showed us the director expedient and accurate in their profession. «Changeling» - one of the best underrated works Eastwood seems to be filmed with a gesture that connects and rigor and sincerity, and righteousness, and edification, and easy, and exciting trembling. A J. Michael Straczynski The filtered material factor in the life of a strong woman through calico most that neither is a simple concept in a "live" drama that motivated detective intrigue with support roundabout horror. There is a story, there are grounds for its film adaptation. And yet there are actors who know how such stories perch on their shoulders and transform into effective "stabilizers", Kojima were compelling Angelina Jolie, which is something, and a compliment worthy not to be found, and John Malkovich , which is enough to praise one mention. There are, after all, he Eastwood, who ran to help resolve the raging debate between the creators, first appointed commander Ron Howard. It seemed, "Changeling" did not dare to turn out a failure ...
And she did not dare. Is the above listed elements of the project does not convince us in its absolute success? What might be the questions - no, of course. Background to this legend, and therefore before us pure legend of a mother that has lost her son. And it before touching and impulsive that his hands themselves merge and overflowing, causing no familiarity slamming and cry awakened sympathy willfully proceeds from the mouth of the sound in the exclamation of delight. Even hollow viewer philanthropy in whom does not play contemplation droplets filled with them from head to toe. Indicate here cons still notice that the dark spots on the white canvas. Perfect drama, like this one, do not find. Naturally, with a turn around the suffering mother and allusions to the cult of a strong woman, so to speak, an "iron woman". Not for rudeness, and truth.
Of course, the plot not fixate only on the issues of "family castration" and extends the range, managing to scold badly about urban vices, which, it turns out, was not in sight. Straczynski presents Eastwood hard whip, and that a band of cowardly cries and excuses scoundrels begins triumphantly peel corruption and police negligence and lack of human compassion, anthropomorphic evil and moral ugliness in the ass, so much so that the offense remains sit in a dark corner and feel sorry for moaning, rubbing dotted with bruises. Playing situation on the nerves and feelings twists and releases them again wring-releases, causing to pass through itself dramatic voltage current. And so as long as the good ideology in the face of justice and evil in the snout of violence reaches the climax peak. Lyricism is distributed to the reprise, where the heroine is allowed to shed bitter tears, endless rain and fearlessly confront the socio-hemorrhoidal reptiles, shamelessly violating the law and break the law. In contiguity with the content simultaneously warming up to the burning thriller, research and amusing things like the political passions. That perfectly fits into the context of maternal love and intuition, bestowed by nature. Although to call it the gift of extremely cautious.
light went out. Son in obscurity. Mother in the desert. Gnawing sense of enduring life of the native children of the curse turns that she suffers from the date of loss. Faith is weak, it will knock down, but the mother does not give up, clinging to the railing of evidence and comforting beliefs, to leave a tiny fraction of the forces for savory punch in the face to anyone who bothered her, and contradicted. Jolie plays and experiencing, and no wonder, because she is a loving mother, which has long been known. The tears are real, genuine sobs, fear and despair in the eyes to read. This game really believe until the very end, which has prepared the audience mirage happy ending. Hope never dies. For some reason it begs the final words of the second part of the "Kill Bill" by Quentin Tarantino, but pereinachennye interpretation.
«lioness and cub did not find, but in the jungle came the order ...»
9,5 from 10
Clint Eastwood took one more scrupulous drama of class "required for viewing", providing its diverse and intensive development of a desired range of accents. Emotionally, "Changeling" is extremely violent and squalls, in the dynamic - active and energetic, in the actor - and breathtakingly. Nothing to complain about, and objects to delight the whole box. Masterpiece, not otherwise.

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