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Elaborate and Oddly Durable

might 28, 2019 ·

The Morning Heresy
Paul Fidalgo

On Saturday morning, you may possibly have awoken to your glorious English-accented sound of CFI’s own Nick minimal, as he had been interviewed by Scott Simon on NPR’s sunday Edition, dealing with our lawsuit against Walmart because of their peddling of homeopathy. Nick had been GREAT. The 50th anniversary associated with Moon landing is upon us, and Joel Achenbach …

A Look at Aladdin’s Genie—and Its Jinn Origins

might 24, 2019 ·

A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper
Benjamin Radford

With all the much-hyped release of this new form of Disney’s Aladdin, I thought it would be interesting to take a short folkloric check genies and jinn. Jinn (or djinn) means animals that starred in medieval Arabic folklore; these were usually depicted as threatening and free-willed—so dangerous in reality that rituals and amulets are …

Can Rationality Be discovered?

might 20, 2019 ·

The Rationality of Science
Jamie Hale

Learning is conceptualized as a comparatively permanent improvement in thinking or behavior. Innate (organic) abilities are those you are born with; no experience is essential to display these characteristics. Natural abilities differ tremendously one of the animal kingdom, and much of human life is dependent on learning. High-level learners have actually a bonus in life. Learning is …

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ACT: Let’s End New York’s Religious Vaccine Exemption Before It’s Too Late

May 23, 2019

Dear buddy of CFI in ny: In February, we urged you to tell your representatives to guide legislation (A02371 inside Assembly and S02994 in Senate) repealing New York’s religious exemption from mandatory vaccinations. This bill nevertheless requires a push to obtain over the finish line. The other day, the bill was delivered back …

DO SOMETHING: California Alert: Don’t allow Anti-Vax Bullies Profit

May 14, 2019

Dear Friend of CFI in Ca, Anti-Vaxxers have descended upon Sacramento, determined to avoid a bill, SB-276, that protects general public wellness by curtailing fraudulent medical exemptions from vaccine requirements. But what the anti-vaxxers lack in facts and evidence, they a lot more than replace with with intimidation and fear techniques. Your sound is poorly needed. In …

Ingersoll 1876 Poster is bigger than Life!

May 14, 2019

New in Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum for 2019 is an 1876 broadside poster excerpting an Ingersoll message. Very nearly six foot tall, it’s certainly one of simply two known to survive. And it’s proof that “A Vision of War,” possibly the best-loved single passage inside Ingersoll repertoire, ended up being recognized as special within days or …

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