Cause and effect of smarphones Essay

A smartphone is a cell phone with a touch screen, which allows the user to connect to the Internet, manage email accounts, and install other applications and resources such as a small computer. Currently, the use of these devices has become very important in our lives for the simple fact that, apart from being an intelligent device and, instead of becoming our best friends, we take better care of our life, we program everything there, we are there Pending all the time, we are on WhatsApp, on Facebook, on Gmail, on Twitter, on Instagram, YouTube, we make calls, send messages and your life runs, literally, on a cell phone. That is your life. Therefore, I will talk in this essay about the causes and effects that smartphones produce in us and also a solution so that the use of these devices is a little more measured. An experiment was recently done which consisted of subjects receiving notifications on their cell phone, but they were not allowed to check them, and they recorded an increase in blood pressure and therefore generated anxiety. Even in another experiment, people were asked to search for something they would like to know in Google, and they could realize that the brain was not working enough to store the information they had just reviewed, so it is said that the internet makes us inept because our brain does not work to store information of what we have doubt, the internet does the work for us; but we do not realize the damage that this leaves us. The risks in the mental health cause that when using the telephone it causes us to increase the excitability of the nervous system that can cause a collapse of the same mental problems when we use it all the time; In the worst case, smart phones can be a trigger for mental disorders such as alterations in our emotions because we imply a message when we read it our brain programs the tone of voice, the way we would be saying the things an example of this is that we give an interpretation to the message as to us it sounds to us that they would be said. The phantom vibration syndrome. It is an imaginary feeling that the cell phone is vibrating. It is generated by excessive use of the cell phone. And it makes us more aware of the cell phone, and we check it every 5 minutes. When we listen to your favorite music on this device at a high volume, you run the risk of damaging your inner ear, which is responsible for converting sounds into signals that go to the brain. Pain in the hands and fingers when spending hours and hours on the phones has its consequences, one of them is pain and stiffness in the hands, the muscles of the hand suffer the minutes of being on the cell phone caused by the excess Write on your smartphone or spend a lot of time playing with it. If you do not control you can develop tendinitis, sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity are explosive bombs for our body, if we add to the null movement to have a smartphone, and results are devastating in the cervical spine, for its instability and rigidity. Neck pain is the sensation of tension in the shoulders and neck are a consequence that causes in the trapezium and the scapula a kind of sensitivity that would cause in the long term a loss of motor control. The cell phone is a High exposure to germs and bacteria is an excellent vehicle for this type of parasites that cause gastrointestinal diseases by the constant touch of the screen and then ingest food with dirty hands. The increase in stress is related to being aware of notifications, emails and reviews of social networks that produce and increase irritability in the nervous system. When we use the cell phone in bed before sleeping or with the lights off causes insomnia because the cell emits a light that makes our brain think that it is daytime so it keeps us awake, an effect of this is that we will also present irritability, drowsiness and lack of concentration, for not having rested either well or enough last night and so on with the other days. The eyes, normally people need some frequency of blinking to exchange the tear of the eye, but being very concentrated on the screen we do not blink and damage our eyesight, According to the World Health Organization, the excessive use of the cell phone exposes you to a small radiation that can develop cancer cells in people, ocular cancer has been diagnosed lately by the light emitted by the cell phone and the radiation that emits this and more if we use it most of the time, even in the dark since the light It goes directly into our eyes and can damage them permanently. The loss of time is a very important factor. How many times do we forget that we are with a person that we had not seen for a long time? Or just how long do we stop doing the activities that we really like because we are using these electronic devices? The answer is that most of the time we decided to be with the cell phone because unfortunately we have the idea that the cell phone has all the answers, that it has the best advice, that it is most useful, etc. Who says that everything on the internet is true? How many times do we make friends with people who are 100% false and that in social networks are totally different? The answer to all this is that it will always be better to see the person you had too long without seeing and who you have more confidence for the conversation to flow, ask what hurts you and can give you. Leave aside the cell phone and social networks; give all your attention so that things are as before. Concentrating on us is an important factor. Why do we have to stay away from the activities we like to do? To this I reply that people think we can do it “AFTER” is the typical “AFTER I do it” “AFTER I talk” etc. but they do not realize that life is only one and that we have to do what we really love to feel happy and well with us. Because the cell phone does not feel, it is not in the most difficult times, etc. It is only a material object and that material object will not be successful, because success is achieved by us with a lot of effort and doing what we love the most. Smartphones generate insecurity and fear before people for the simple fact that if we do not serve the cell phone we will never fail, and the truth is that we can not trust this type of thing because we do not process the basic information ourselves. We have something that is doing for us in our hands, and we are the power to control us. By using your smartphone and watching social networks like Facebook, Instagram etc. We see people with an incredible body, a life with many luxuries, we see practically all their lives because they publish everything, the people behind the cell phone screen make us envy what they have, feel less to see how they are doing. Even how many times we do not take a picture, and we edit it too much, we put a moving phrase, and we upload it, we receive messages, comments that make us happy the day but what happens when the people who follow you realize that your life is false, that you are not like you are in a social network, why are not we simply before society as we really are? Is that why we are all the time on the cell phone to see how people react to your life, to look good in a false or hypocritical society? A solution to avoid these types of causes and effects that we suffer is to separate ourselves little by little from these devices so as not to depend on them all the time. Because if we leave them all at once we can obtain the withdrawal syndrome. If you decide to use less cell phone or do it at once, you can cause emotional damage and trigger this type of syndrome, so you can experience anxiety and isolation. Knowing and being aware that there are people who are busy and will not respond instantly because they may be working, doing what they really love and that is not why we have to stress because they can not answer us, we have to learn to manage patience and the frustration in these kinds of situations and accept that those people who do not answer are enjoying their lives; what you are not doing with yours to be aware of what time you answer, what time was your last connection etc. Not everything is bad in the use of smartphones because, honestly, it has characteristics that make it as good as everything in life. For example, it helps us communicate with other people when there are distances between them or when it is an emergency. It helps us to capture instantaneous moments without having to take a camera because the same cell phone already has it, it helps us to share with the people closest to us what we are living without pretending to be something that we are not. We can work through our cell phone anywhere and send something that is urgent, we can be aware of our house through the cameras that are in the house in case you are away from home. We can consult anything on the internet and in a matter of seconds we have thousands of different answers from what we ask etc. The problem is when we give the power to the phone to use us and control our entire life, when we allow the cell phone to be the most precious thing we can have and not realize that it really hurts us in our health physically and psychologically.

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