Case-Study Of Sigma Global Essay


You will write a Memo in response to the Case Study.


Date: Fill in the date.

To: Mrs. Rania Singh, Customer Services Agent

From: Sigma Global

Subject: Problem in Consistency of Information.

It has come to our notice that the clients are not being given appropriate information with regards to the Company and its working policies appropriately. This has come to notice with the recent survey made with perspective of the agents working for the company. The main issues that are leading to the misconception are marketing and promotion of the different courses, accommodation related to the students, advising students on courses and academic institutions.

In interest of the client who wants to undertake university courses overseas, the information which is being delivered to them should be appropriate. With the view of the agents, the agent needs to get an approval from Sigma Global before they can produce any material which is prepared for local marketing and advertising purpose Advertising should be made with the appropriate contents and the guidelines which are put forward by the company. The agent should keep in mind to convey ethical marketing with the prospective lay out by the company. The agent should be well aware and informed about the institute, the courses the institute delivers, their ranking status, and it should represent all the institutions in equal and fair manner. As expected the accommodation advice should be accurate. The information about the transport should be given including the estimated cost, concessions and other benefits with it. The duration of the service like the opening hours and the break of the university and childcare cost should be given appropriately. The all over benefits that can be achieved by the client who engage with the company should be put forward to the clients.

Ethical problem in the sphere of marketing can lead to conflict and disagreement. Individual parties involved in the marketing transaction bring a set of expectation with respect to how the business relation will exist and how the overall transaction should be conducted. Each face in the marketing point of view has some ethical danger points related to it. Selective marketing is used in order to discourage demand from the so called undesired market sector or disenfranchise them together. An example of unethical marketing comes when the information regarding the organization is not appropriately given to the clients. The clients tend to have a false thinking and a false mentality with regards to the organization. This can directly affect the reputation of the company. And it has been noticed that ones the reputation of the company falls it is very difficult to gain the reputation again.

Deceptive advertising is not specific with target to one market only as a result of which it sometimes go unnoticed by the public or the client. There are many ways by which deceptive marketing can be presented to the client. One of the approaches that can be used is the use of humor. Humor can help in escaping or relief with regards to some kind of human constraints. It basically comes to an individual on the process he or she uses in order to convey the appropriate message to the client. Some advertisers intend to take advantage of this by deceptively advertising the product that can potentially alleviate the constraint of humor.

Bid rigging is a form of fraud. Giving wrong price information in this case the price relating to the information about the transport should be given including the estimated cost, concessions and other benefits with it. Marketing ethics regardless to the service offered or the target market sets the guideline for which good marketing is practiced. Towards the market ethical and affectivity should be reminded to every marketing personal that all market8ing decisions and efforts necessary to meet and suit the need of the customer, business partner and the suppliers. The mindset of the company is that they are concerned for the population and the environment in which they do their business. The company feels that they have a responsibility towards the people, place and the things in their sphere of influence.

Being a company with more than 150 clients around the world, the client should be given appropriate information. Inappropriate information can lead to misconceptions and tampering with the policies and basic delivery options the company standard is degraded. The exact framework of the pattern of the working of the organization should not be comprised with.

The organization has set specific forward specific quality of service towards their client. The company always finds ideas in order to better its services towards the client. And the client satisfaction is always considered as a main goal for us.

It has to be taken care that the problem faced with inconsistency of information should not arise in the near future. Inconsistency can lead to degradation of the quality of the service which the company intent to deliver to its client. The main focus point is described below and should be considered while delivering information to the client.

  • The agents should get the approval from the company before any local marketing and advertising is done.
  • The agent should be well informed about the institute with regards to the course they deliver, their ranking status and they should represent all institutions in fair and equal manner.
  • Accommodation advice should be put forward where the promise should meet the expectation and the experience.
  • The estimated cost, concessions and other benefits related to transport should be given appropriately
  • Children cost, duration of each of the service which includes opening hour and the university break should be clearly stated.

Hereby it is made clear about the structure of the organization and the working order of the organization. If there is any problem related to the working of the organization please revert.

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