Can sports unify a country? Essay

The jaw dropping, stomach clenching and palm sweating experience that is never seen before. Thousands of people from different race and religion join in a stadium with one aim, too see their rivals lose. Whether it be hockey, basketball, lacrosse or even soccer, Canada is united by its sports because it builds nationalism, motivates us to do better, and brings us together. Hence, these speculations justify how Canada is unified by sports.

There are several sport related historic moments that makes Canadians feel proud to be acknowledged for their identity. First of all, Vince Carter has made Canadian basketball history, which was described as a milestone for Canada. At the time Carter was a 23 year old Raptors super star, and competed in the 2000s NBA Slam Dunk Contest. In session, unexpectedly Carter had done something never done before, a 360 windmill.(Giddens",“The 15 Biggest Moments in Canadian Sports History - CBC Sports.” ). This memorable event makes us respect our country and be pleased with overachieving athletes that built canadian nationalism. It is creditable because of the training and indulgence put into it, therefore Vince Carter was able to do something not ever done precedently. This triump gave us the potential to believe that we are competent of doing things differently in order to make history. Secondly, a moment that represents great canadian nationalism brought by sports is 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This olympic gave undoubtful gratification and an impulse to endorse canadian sports. Fundamentally, the Vancouver olympics gave this feeling to canadians by the media and publicity, the planning, the unplanned results. The mission of Vanoc was to touch the hearts of the nation and deliver a experience never seen before. The emotion and multiple symbols used portrayed great nationalism.( Osten, “Pride during The 2010 Vancouver Olympic”). This Olympics specifically lead awareness to all canadians. Similarly, the games captivated people to learn more about its nation and advocated culture. The acknowledgement and gratitude of one’s country brought national unity. Lastly, nationalism was set out when Marilyn Bell swam across Lake Ontario. Many canadians came to watch her compete against Florence Chadwich an american swimmer across lake ontario. Marilyn faced many challenges but, she did not stop. In the end, she defeated the challenge and was awarded with many gifts and prizes (Gillespie, “Canada 150:Capturing a Country through Sport”). This event allows us to recognize the real reason people should have recognition towards their country. It is because of the talented people that brought a name for our nation to be proud of. Marilyn has also contributed in molding Canada, since she is a well known canadian athlete that carved a place for swimmers in canada and as well for females. Canadian Nationalism are portrayed in many ways when it comes to sports.

There are many significant moments in canadian sports which are great stories to tell to motivate others. For example, the notorious Terry Fox. He ran to raise money for cancer research with an artificial leg(“The terry Fox Foundation”).Terry’s story motivates canadians to work hard and achieve their goals. His actions had everlasting consequences. For example, institutes and organizations have been opened up to help him succeed with what he started. “He is in our geography, in awards that honor outstanding young canadians, as a role model for athletes -- especially the unsung grinders -- and in cancer research funded as it had never been before” (Scrivener, “how terry fox changed canada”). “Who can say the number of people who terry inspired? All of us? It’s unknowable. But he is frequently cited by Olympians”(Scrivener). Correspondingly this is so inspiring because he never abandoned his goal. Second of all, The 1972 Soviet Union (Summit Series) where canada was up against russia. Already stated, this was relatively unattainable. Great dignity lived among the fans but, quickly vanished when they lost the first game. The score was tied between the two teams but in the final seconds of the game Paul Henderson scored. Which resulted to the famous goal that had made history (Zweign “1972Canada Soviet Hockey Series (Summit Series)”). Everyone has a moment like this; where they are put into a rough situation and our minds are registered to believe that it is the hardest thing ever and their is no way out. “Tough times never last, but tough people do”(Schuller). Comparatively how Paul Henderson dealt with his situation. These stories don’t only inspire athletes to work hard but, also regular people because hard work pays off, which is what Paul had proved.

Sports unifies Canada because it brings us together as a whole. Firstly, a study called Robbers cave has been done by Muzafer Sherif. Twenty two boys were split into groups and kept away from each other. The groups quickly got along with each other by doing activities such as sports and grew a strong pride. Meanwhile they felt confident competing with other teams(Mcleod, “Robbers Cave Theory”). Even though the two teams grew to hate each other, individually they got along. Likewise, when people are put together with something they like, the group develops a strong bond. Similar to Canadian sports fans cheering for their team at a stadium. Secondly, sports brought people together during the war time. Uniquely",a way of their entertainment and courage. For instance, Hockey nights in Scotland in early 1945 which featured the Canadian military(“Wartime Canada”). Equivalently predominant among a military not only for endurance but, also creates trust. Sculpts a friendly environment with each soldier. Consequently, it is pleasing to have someone to talk to. (Puiu, Zme science).“The team aspect has connected me with people and allowed me to meet other athletes. If it weren’t for sports, I wouldn’t have met them or spent time with them",” said Hanna Laube a Canadian volleyball player(Shaw ",“How Sports bring People Together”). This is a way for people to get out of their comfort zone and interact with others. Sports clubs are a great opportunity for students to be more active and outdoors, create a connection with people. Canadian sports allowed people to unite with others.

In conclusion Sports unifies Canada by bringing awareness of its own culture and diversity. This way canadians are able to acknowledge and respect the historic figures, symbols that has shaped canada into what it is today. Canadian sports unites canadians by the compelling stories done of heroic athletes. It makes us appreciate their work and make us want to achieve success in order to make a difference for our country. Sports can unify us since it allows us to come together. Regardless of our race, religion or background we are united by sports because we are all connected to it somehow whether if we love the same player, join a team sport or even watch a sports channel. In the end we have the same motive, which is to see our team or player succeed.

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