Can robots replace human teachers? Essay

Over the course of years the advancing of technology has been upon us and with technology the life of every human being is becoming easier and easier. Some technologies are replacing every man’s work like in the factory. Since technology has been replacing man in every work. Can the so called robots replaced teachers in teaching? A teacher is the one who helps us acquire knowledge. They help us to learn so many things. According to NCETFL India (2018) human teachers have till date to be noted as the “developing Gods”. Robots are being tested and experimented as a replacement of teachers in different schools in Japan. Some scientist says that they foresee robots as an excellent teacher and that they never get ill and robots can teach for 24/7.

Human teachers are still going to be the best pick in terms of teaching. Humans have a creative spirit that helps student to learn and because of that they teach the students in a creative manner and it helps students to engage in the teachings. According to Mashburn and Pianta (2006) Relationships with the significant adults in their lives (e.g., parents, teachers) are young children’s main resource for their own development. Robots don’t have feelings it can’t help students to interact well with people. Replacing teachers with robots is a great deal with our civilization. If the robots starts to take in charge with all of our works then what is the sense of being human it makes us lazier and lazier.

Replacing human with robots in teaching hamper the student-teacher bond. Robots only follow the instruction that have been coded into them. There are difference with real and manual feelings and it is difficult for a robot to mimic human teacher’s unique social skills because it can only be found on us humans it is natural on us having feelings and putting it in robots can also terrify students. Although there is a good side in robot like it can teach all lessons in a preferred time because of what is coded on them ",It cannot get ill and it can teach for 24/7.

Tech wizard, Steve Jobs, believed that despite the fact that techonology can take care of such huge numbers of issues it is difficult to just giving it over to computers. See even one of the tech wizard doesn't consent to the replacing of machines to human works. Would you be able to envision a machine with robot voice instructing about human rights? One educationist says that robots can guarantee time for students teaching them with an individual time enabling them to learn as an individual as rather than as a class. Indeed, even cooperation is being precluded with the utilization of a robot educator. With robot educators we will be encouraged independently making us learn individually instead of learning cooperatively. We can consider teaching and teaching coincide however we can be certain that robot will never under any circumstance can replace educator in instructing. Teachers can utilize innovation to make the exercises increasingly justifiable. Not every teacher has a similar training systems yet students are adaptable and placing them in a domain dependent on their learning style won't results positively on the grounds that our reality is changing extremely quick and we ought to have the capacity to adjust.

Human teachers will dependably be expected to deal with the classroom condition and to give students the consolation they require. A substantial piece of training for youngsters is showing them social-passionate abilities. While man-made consciousness programs have demonstrated they can instruct students to peruse or do math, training social and passionate abilities is progressively mind boggling. That sort of adapting needs the human touch that no one but teachers can give. Great instructors will never end up outdated. Students might be computerized locals, yet regardless they require help in finding and utilizing digital resources for learning. Teachers may never again be esteemed as substance territory specialists, yet they can enable students to figure out how to manufacture learning for themselves from the overabundance of devices and data that exists. The best teachers care about us and move us to give a valiant effort. Also, that will never leave style. Teachers must be sympathetic, understanding that all students learn in an unexpected way – some are visual students, others sensation; some learn rapidly and get exhausted effortlessly, while others battle for reasons they can't control like dyslexia and ADHD. As opposed to getting to be frustrated with a student for not understanding something, educators must attempt to level with them and find better approaches to enable them to get it. It is stated that, everybody commits errors – particularly teachers, who are managing huge gatherings of various individuals consistently. Candidly canny educators possess up to their mistakes. It's all experimentation and if something turns out badly or the teacher took care of a circumstance less effortlessly than they would have trusted, and acknoowledge that, apologize, and correct it. This sets a genuine case for students when they commit an error. This are the things that robots cannot do.

Yes it is easy to discover data on the web or 'Ask Alexa' however, is that data reliable? Is it the most exact data that can be found? Is it worthwhile data? Teacher for the future must empower all youngsters to think critically. The data accessible is presently so tremendous yet is it too variable to possibly be worth focusing on? What will be the impact on local communities of settling on specific decisions? Will there be worldwide repercussions? Youngsters should fundamentally assess the data they follow up on and also the moves they make so as to live joyfully and reasonably on the earth. Can the robots teach students what datas should they focus on if the robots got their information on the internet

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