BZ103 Marketing For Church Leadership, Values And Beliefs Essay


Demonstrated ability to define and understand the relevant theories or models that are applicable to the specific case and questions.


Referring to case study new generation churches by Kotler, the most given reason for declining church attendances is unfulfilling and boring service with lack of relevance of the service hence the church activities are not appealing to the people. Another reason is disagreements and problems with the church leadership, values and beliefs of the church and the style of worship hence the church services does not match the people’s interests, values, opinions, and attitude. Lack of motivation to trigger Australians to see the need for going to church is also another reason as the church does not stimulate demand for its services. Migrating from one place to another makes people stop attending churches. Presence of other religions in Australia such as Islam and Buddhism attributes to the decline as the religions may bring with strategic advantages of their competitor, the church.

New generation churches may consider psychographic segmentation hence from the people’s lifestyles, opinions, personality characteristics, interests, activities, attitudes, values, and self-image they can identify their target market. The segmentation variables above offers a description of the people hence the new generation churches can match their services with the people’s needs. They can also focus on geographic segmentation and consider the following variables; population density in the areas they cover, city size and climate hence pay attention to the target market’s geographic needs. The potential target for new generation churches is geographic needs within their area of residence. They may also consider behavioral segmentation and use the people’s responses, attitude and knowledge to improve their services to get their potential target market that includes regular and irregular churchgoers.

Churches may work in their location and establish new branches to reach members who live far. Churches should invite feedback and avail a suggestion box hence from the suggestions it may improve its services to retain and attract new members. The church should practice inclusiveness and accept all followers and adapt to the changing world to keep members. The church may also organize events outside service to draw public’s attention hence attract new members. The church may use user positioning strategy to claim his services as best for hopeless, needy and rejected people to attract those people. It may also use benefit positioning and foster discipleship to describe the importance of being a church member. It may also use quality positioning and describe the value one gains in attending church.

New generation churches should be more concerned about pathetic macro-environment factors such as negative media publicity to keep it off from being considered as a profit gaining organization. They focus on the technological environment to update their own technology to stay informed of trends to be ahead of competitors. They will ensure church building is modern looking, have shorter services with concerts and with a practical sermon. The church can defy from the declining trends only by encouraging members to give offering depending on the economic needs to fulfill church needs. Demography environment will dictate future growth as they can use age; gender, location, and size to divide the groups hence deliver different sermons depending on their interests. For new generation church to equip for future growth, they should keep off the political environments influence considering restrictions for example although Catholics allow wine they should not give it to children according to the law.

The contents in the Hillsong church website articulate that it is targeting children, youth, ladies and men as it states that its mandate is to gather women’s company, hosts men’s event and build children’s lives. Hillsong church uses user position to claim its services and practices are best for children, youth, men and women. It also uses application positioning as it states that members believe and recognize their potential to love God in togetherness. Paradise community church uses quality position to claim to have launched successful churches in Australia. It also uses attribute positioning by defining its features, videos, and music. St. Mary’s church uses competitor position to describe how its time management, events, worship, baptism, and weddings are more effective.

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