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Corporate social responsibility deals with the business practices, which involves the initiatives that can benefit the society. A CSR of a company includes a range of tactics. CSR always looks forward to assist the mission of an organization. The sustainability of an organization is not only important for the people and planet, but also is critical for the success of the business. Corporate social responsibility is a method for companies to benefit themselves while benefiting the whole society also[1].

Findings & Discussions

It has been found that the warehouse of Eagle Valley Health Foods Pty Ltd is made of corrugated iron. Thus, it stays too hot in the summer and extremely cold in winter. Respectively, the consumption of power stays always high. However, the consumption bills to heat and cool the office and factory area are too high. During the investigation, it has been found that mild steel, coated with zincalume can be used instead of corrugated iron. Zincalume is an alloy that is a mixture of zinc, silicon and aluminium[2]. It lasts longer and it can resist atmospheric corrosion better than the corrugated iron. As a result, less power will be consumed in the organization, which will help in reducing the monthly electricity bill.

It has been found that water is very essential for Eagle Valley Health Foods as the company produce health bars made of fruit, cellars and nuts. Combination of new technology and employee awareness training can help the organization in reducing a lot of water[3].

Changing habits:

The organization needs to change the habits of the employees. This can save up a lot of water. It must be challenging for any organization to change the habits of the employee instantly. But the introduction of the water conservation program can really help the organization in energy consumption or green house gas emission. The employee needs to understand the benefit of the project and how it can help them in the future[4].

Operational changes:

Few operational changes can be done for reducing water consumption. Regular inspection program on piping, hoses, cleaning can help the workers to understand every situation better. The changes in the organization should be comprehensively planned and properly implemented.

Inspection program:

Regular inspection can help the employee to locate the leaks in the pipes, pipe joints, dampness indication, mark of rust etc. sub meter system should be installed to alert the operators in case of excessive flow or it can also indicate about the reduced pressure of the water tank.

Technologies and tools:

Cleaning process accounts most of the water consumption for any organization. Therefore, it is a major stumble in the process of saving water. Vacuum systems can be used instead of water. Dry ice can be used to wash the kits manually. The cleaning in place system not only wastes a large amount of water but also consumes excessive amount of energy. Upgradation of technology will potentially save a large amount of money and water.

Advanced wastewater technologies, namely membrane bioreactor systems are very helpful for saving water. It uses a filter, which can reject the solid materials and produces a clear and disinfected product.

Reuse of process water:

The quality of water should be checked for the internal processes between the businesses whenever required. The possible options for water reuse, includes waste stabilised ponds, wetland constructed for vertical flow, free land that is constructed for horizontal flow etc. Reuse waters can be used in processed washing and fire protection.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Today, most of the manufacturing operations are facing restriction in using the water, reduction of water or the risk or panic of these things, which can become a reality. Eagle valley health food has a limited budget to spend and restructure the organization but it can make few important changes in the organization, which can solve the problems of the company. The limit of production, which is compulsory by the water usage restrictions will potentially place a profitable, growth based operation.


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