Business studies film review Essay

Topic 4-Her anger dissolved into calmness…she finally felt a sense of serenity.

It was a cloudy afternoon on Sunday the 23rd of September 1990 in Soweto. This was the time of Apartheid in our country where violence ruled. A 44 year old mother Aan Zikhali was staying with his son Zakes Zikhali in Orlando.

That afternoon changed Aan’s life forever because from that day she became childless when Zakes didn’t come home from school. Aan didn’t realize immediately but it went from hours to days then months and eventually years when she accepted it deep down that her son was not coming back and that evoked anger because the least she could do was bury her son.

Aan would miss the times when she would cook and Zakes would dish the plates. On Sunday nights they would go outside lying upwards watching stars and these moments would complete them. Aan would ask herself if going to church was still meaningful because she felt god had taken away the only family she was left with. The pain of feeling dead inside not knowing if your son is dead or alive and to wish she would replace her son’s position of all the pain he felt if he was still alive. The times of when Aan would go watch soccer games and as the players walked out the tunnel, she would start looking around hazardless hoping Zakes would appear in that soccer kit and let her cheer for him as she always did. The self-blame of thinking he might have ran away because of how hard she was of a mother to him.

20years later Aan came to tell her neighbor Mbuso Mabasa about the terrifying news she had received, that Aan had been growing cancer in her lungs and had to go in for an operation to remove it. The neighbor worriedly responded that maybe god is doing this so she could find peace. Aan just never saw it that way and in fact confidently said “I’m not dying until I bury my son and find peace”. All this confidence from Aan was actually talking to the man who took her sons life without knowing because Mr Mabasa had been part of gang who killed for others in exchange for money and this was during Apartheid times and couldn’t be seen or traced easily because of how people died in the same way fighting for freedom which is what made Mr Mabasa become this invincible monster.

Even so being invincible he could never live life to its fullest knowing that he was involved in making his neighbor miserable and Aan was always there as a reminder of a person he once killed. This led him to going back to his gang and ask that he revealed Zakes body to police so Aan could find peace that she’d always been seeking for. But the gang wouldn’t risk anything and especially because Zakes had been buried with a few others and this led to the gang deciding on killing Mr Mabasa to silent him forever.

Mr Mabasa was killed in the same way he killed others. When he went to discuss revealing Zakes body with the gang he had already told Police because he knew his gang was not to be trusted. Police went to the location given by the informer Mr Mabasa and found five (5) bodies buried 12 feet underground.

Aan, just days before she was due for her operation got news that her son Zakes had been found buried in Diepkloof with four others. That changed everything because she got her son back even though he wasn’t alive.

Her anger dissolved into calmness…and she finally felt a sense of serenity. Conclusion about the film. Review

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