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Comparison of two styles of newspaper articles

Target audience

In the first article, the topic focuses on the ‘Refugees welcome’ and the second topic is about the fight at rail station in Budapest, Hungary, where the rail station was closed to the migrants. In the first article, the target audiences are the refugees in Germany. Evidences from statistics revealed that since the war of 2011, more than 4 million refugees have fled away from Syria and dispersed to different parts like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon (Harding, Oltermann and Watt 2015). Apart from them, the vulnerable populations are also addressing different issues except their migration and residence. In this case, the role of the government has been discussed as government plays one of the major roles – in handling the refugee issues in any country. Moreover, the voluntary engagements of thousands of ordinary Germans have been mentioned here who have extended their hand to help the refugees on a regular basis. In this context, role of media is important and they have realized that, media should focus more on issues faced by refugees (Barrow and Burton 2012). Moreover, the banners supporting the refugees in their home grounds have been mentioned here. However, it can be said that the refugees are the main target people in this case (Sword 2012).

Effect on writing style as a result of targeting an audience

Writer should be concerned about the type of writing and should use such a writing style, which would be able to attract readers. It can be said that the target audience is the group with the common characteristics or purposes and if one is writing for targeting a particular group of reader, it is highly important to focus on specific features of that particular group. This article has been written in an easy language with adequate statistical information; therefore, it has successfully quenched the thirst of the news reader (Harding, Oltermann and Watt 2015). The story that has been addressed here is very appropriate and represented one of the burning issues of the present day and thus it has successfully connected the news to the reader. The problems, the present scenario as well as the consequences have been described here in details so that the readers easily link with the situation. The author has significantly described the situation with several instances that have taken places regularly among the refugees and thus, the news has become one of the sensitive cases (Harding, Oltermann and Watt 2015).

Effect of use of quotations and images on reader

According to Kenley and Cashner (2007), the readers tend to read those articles, which have a brief and clear explanation of the situation in an attractive format. The first article does not provide a brief explanation of the situation. As this article is targeting a range of different kind of audience including the youngsters, who are more likely to be impatient (Harding et al.2015). Therefore, the writing style should be able to captivate the readers. In the first article, there is a thorough explanation of the situation with different perspectives. Therefore, it is less attractive than the second article. It is seen that, in the daily busy life, people tend to overlook most of the news, which does not contain any picture. In the second article, there are two pictures, which might help the writer to grab their attention (Saunders 2015). The attractive and real pictures of the migrants, the homelessness of those tired children would grab attention of many readers. In contrast, for the lengthy and narrative approach of the first article, it might not attract most of the youngster’s attention. Using quotation in writing indicates its importance in the literature. Here also, the second article would be more attractive to readers than the first one, which has less quotation compared to its length ( 2016).

The first article on ‘Refugee welcome’ is nearer to the academic writing styles. The academic writing style includes in-depth discussion of the topic. In academic writing quotations are rarely used and each topic is explained with subtopics with proper headings. All of these requirements were present in the first article, but absent in the second one.

Relative usefulness of each article as a source of evidence in support of essay on Mediterranean refugee crisis

From the first article, information regarding the political conversation regarding the entry of migrants into Europe and the response of government, the private engagement of refugees and support from Germen community groups along with response of media about the refugee crisis has been gathered. On the other hand, from the second article, a brief scenario of present government response toward migrants has been revealed. It can be used in the essay as an important recent evidence of crisis faced by the migrants. The first article also covers the conflicts faced by migrants and the motives of the social issues (Harding, Oltermann and Watt 2015). The legal framework can also be used from the first article.

Response of Article

The article is focused on the statement of the Tory minister regarding the provision of living wages to the workers, who are under 25 years old. Cabinet officer minister Matthew Hancock has defended the decision in the Conservative party conference (The Week UK 2015). It was an active policy choice by the minister. He thinks that, the workers, who are under 25 years old, are not as productive as the older workers, so they should not gain increased level of living wage. According to the National living wages in UK, workers who get job after living school or college do not have as much productivity as an older worker, who is more than 25 years old (Dathan 2015).

Minister justified the reason for excluding under-25 year’s workers from new raised living wage, which has become €7.20 per hour (Dathan 2015). However, according to the view point of minister, it can be justified that, paying high living wages might be difficult for the employers and if the new and young workers get less living wages, the employers would hire more young employees. This is because, hiring young employees who are below 25 would be paid less living wages, and it would be profitable for the employers (Dathan 2015). On the other hand, the employees at young age would seek jobs for their security, more than the older employees. This is because most with increased age, older employees tend to get settlement in professional field. It would help the young workers to gain opportunities for getting work-experience, which is important for their career growth. However, Demianyk (2015) argued that, the official impact assessment of the new living wages policy would motivate older employees not to leave company, as they are getting high wage. It would reduce the opportunities for the young employees, who are not getting high wage also (Barrow and Burton 2012).

However, there are some organizations including Starbucks and Costa Coffee agreed to pay high living wages irrespective to the age of the employee. It has been revealed that, young workers, if not paid high, would be demotivated. Surveys of different retail companies in UK have been revealed that, workers under-25 years age are as much productive as the older employees ( 2016). On the other hand, they face similar living expenses as faced by the older employees. If the young employees get less payment than their college’s above-25 years, doing the same tasks at same designation, they would be demotivated to work with the company. It would affect on their level of productivity. Their productivity would also affect the productivity of the entire organization (Sword 2012). The minister has been announced that, workers above-25 would gain €7.20 per hour from next financial year and it would reach €9 by 2020. In contrast, under 20 years employees would receive €5.3 and under 18 years employees would receive €3.87 per hour (Dathan 2015). Therefore, there would be a huge difference within the living wages received by a 24 and 25 years old employee working at same organization - holding same designation. It would create ego problems within employees and increase dissatisfaction towards organization. These small issues would be gathered over time and make a major issue in the organization. As a result the organizational culture would also be affected (Inman 2015). Therefore, it can be argued that, this policy can harm the organizational productivity of renowned companies.

It has been reported from under 25-years old workers that, they are upset with this policy; they are being exploited in the organization by getting no breaks and huge pressure. According to the viewpoint of Inman (2015), such policies are sucking blood from our society and fair days pay for a fair day’s work, as living wage is for all. Small businesses are employing many youngsters over the years and provide service to the community (Dathan 2015). If each employee is paid high wages, these small businesses would not be able to retain these workers with great experience. Therefore, it can be said that, though it is an active policy and would beneficial for the employees over-25 years, it might demotivate young employees, who are not getting right amount of living wages, in spite of high productivity and high living expenses in UK The (Telegraph 2016).

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