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Petrol station on the corner of J.G. Strydom Rd and Lobelie Rd. This Total has a strategic alliance with Mugg & Bean, they have bonjour convenience store as well as a car wash. Their Physical location is

Cnr J.G. Strydom Rd &, Lobelia Ave, Weltevredenpark, Roodepoort, 1709. This Total has an alliance with (Mugg & Bean on the move) they sell all the usual drinks one would find at a Mugg & Bean as well as have a few menu options e.g. Sandwiches. They are placed inside and next to the bonjour convenient store which sells basic house hold products such as bread and milk as well as soft drinks. STRENGTHS

1. Cashiers for convenient store are well mannered and have a sound knowledge of the establishment.

2. Large variety of products in store including drinks, snacks, food, cigarettes and wood/charcoal but also of basic needs like bread and cleaning supplies.

3. This Total has recently been refurbished which created a much cleaner and nicer Fuel Forecourt.


1. When filling up at the station the fuel pump employees are sometimes rude to customers and seem very aggressive.

2. The convenient store and Mugg & Bean queues can sometimes be very long and people have to wait long periods of time to pay for their products.

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1. High traffic flow during peak hour traffic(4:00 pm to 6:00 pm)

2. Car theft in this area in very uncommon, which may attract consumers because of safety reasons.

3. Load Shedding does not usually occur in this area meaning that they don’t have to stop selling fuel from their pumps.


1. There is 2 other competing fuel forecourts (BP and Total) with in a 4 KM Radius from the Total Weltevredenpark.

2. Total Weltevreden supplier of bread is sometimes late and the quality of the bread is low. This has affected the business as when I go to buy bread they either don’t have or the bread looks old.

3. Large amounts of road works force the road to sometimes close meaning they will have no income for the time its closed 1. Retraining staff can help them to become less frustrated with the work they are doing which can help lower their tempers, but also increase wages to those who work hard and are kind would motivate everyone to work the same

2. Increasing the amount of registers can help shorten the line. In the Mugg & Bean more employees as there is only 1 working there so she has to make all coffees/food/do register. If there are 2 they can split these jobs to increase production.

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1. Offering specials specific to their Fuel Forecourt can attract more customers to their Fuel forecourt as well as increased quality of service.

2. Relooking for a breach in contract with the supplier. As well as insuring calling the supplier every day to remind him about delivery and if they still don’t come through, they must think about trying a new supplier.

3. The closing of the roads cannot be prevented but ensuring they use all the time they are open to create more income for their station. This article is about how Load shedding has effects on everything from something as simple as signal to your cellphone to more important things al ATM’s. This Article relates to Fuel Forecourts in the last paragraph.

Load Shedding effects Total Weltevredenpark because when the power goes out they will be unable to pump fuel meaning their main form of income will no longer be able to producing any income. This problem is become more and more often as Load shedding has been scheduled to occur more often.

This article talks about all the increases of all fuel types starting in March. It also talks about why the fuel price in our country has to increase. This increase in fuel will impact the convenient store of our Total because all their products that get delivered will now increase. This means all the products will become more expensive, not only this but everyone will have to pay more for everything, so they might not have the money to buy these goods from our convenient store. This also effects Mugg & Bean in the same way because all their products will become more expensive.During this task I learned that I struggle a lot with SWOT analyses and that I need to work on it. I really enjoyed going down to the Fuel forecourt and talking to the employees and asking them questions about what they thought about their work. I have learnt that when I get the time to do a task I must not procrastinate (time management) because I left this task to the week before it was due instead of doing it when I has the time. This week was filled with so much to do for that week and the next week and it put a lot of pressure on me. This project taught me how to work under extreme pressure as well as

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