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As per the case scenario it has been observed that large number of International students from India, China, Philippians and many other Asian countries tend to visit Auckland for computer games, bike ridings, cricket and other activities. As a result a major communication gap has been raised between the international people and local inhabitants of Auckland. Kiwis fail to make an effective interaction with international students that ultimately hampers the overall healthy environment of education centers (Edwards, Harrison & Tait, 2013).

In order to overcome this kind of situation an effective business plan can be made based on which both the Kiwis and International students do not have to face difficulties in communication with each other. Harry’s counseling center would be launched in Auckland where the interested international students can get the scope to evaluate their communication skill and body language. As a result, they would not have to face challenges in interacting with Kiwis students. The activities that Harry’s counseling center tends to conduct in their learning process include training on communication skill, participating in group discussion session, attending counseling classes and so on. This particular center is flexible in both e-commerce business as well as traditional business process. The international students who cannot avail the counseling center due to any issue can use e-commerce business process as well.

Proposed target market:

The customers would be targeted as per geographic, demographic and psychographic market segmentation. International students coming from India, China, Philippians and many other Asian countries face difficulties to interact with Kiwis. At the same time, university of Auckland, MIT College, Unitech College can be targeted for garbing their attention of their students. Therefore, the customers can be targeted from India, China, and Philippians primarily. On the other hand, people having average income status can afford the price of Harry’s counseling center. The university students are the expected target customers. Therefore, people having 20 to 30 age group can be segregated for using the service of Harry’s counseling center. The center is flexible to interact with the people of different cultural attitudes, values and psychologies. Therefore, international students having different religious and cultural backgrounds would be targeted.

As Auckland is out an out advanced in technology, the marketing managers of Harry’s counseling center can use the popularity of social media as well as electronic media to promote their entire business. On the other hand, social media is the only platform with the help of which target customers from Asian countries would be able to draw their attention (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2015). The customer executives are flexible to use various languages for maintaining customer relation. As a result, International customers would not have to face difficulties in using the service of Harry’s counseling center.

Market competitors:

In the market of New Zealand the service providers such as NZES, NZAC has already established their business process by providing training and guidance to the international students. The major drawbacks of those service providers are high price of entry fee (Hassan & Craft, 2012). At the same time, the counselors appointed in NZES, NZAC are very much professional. Therefore, this is the competitive advantage of Harry’s counseling center. The course fee that Harry’s counseling center has fixed for the interested customers is affordable. In addition, the outward approach of the Harry’s counseling center is not that much professional. As a result, the students would be able to ask for additional guidance.


1. Booking rooms in colleges- 1200$ per hours

2. Booking office rooms: 1100$

3. Leisure Center: 1000$

Production equipment

1. Machinery : 500$

2. Tools : 300$

3. Other things: 100$

Office Fittings

1. Microphone: $239

2. Sound System for different games : 500

3. Fax Machine$299

Positioning of the brand

1. Using online media (social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram) : 2500$ (for 1 month)

2. Direct marketing : 1500$ (for 1 month)


1. Writing Paper: 400$

2. Brochures : 500$

3. Advertisement 1000$

? Total Investment: : 9988$

Expected Revenue

? If the company becomes successful in attracting more student then it is expected that the revenue after 6 months can be approximately: 40500$

Proposed locations and Key resources:

The locations that Harry’s counseling center would focus for maintaining their counseling process include the university of Auckland, MIT college, Unitech college and many other colleges and universities of New Zealand. As this particular center has launched a start-up business counselors would not be appointed initially. The service users can be flexible in purchasing the service process from various locations. The Key establishment of Harry’s counseling center is located at Auckland. Besides, the counseling session will be conducted university of Auckland, MIT College, Unitech College once in week. Therefore, the students can take the services from there as well. Moreover, e-commerce availability is also included within this business process. As a result, people coming from remote areas can use online facilities as well. The service providers of Harry’s counseling center are free for twenty four hours to solve the customers’ queries.

The business method Harry’s counseling center is highly seasonal. Therefore, it is difficult to run their entire business successfully throughout the year. On the other hand, the service providers such as NZES, NZAC have already established their entire business process in the New Zealand market. As a result, Harry’s counseling center may have to face difficulties to gain the trust of people and to make them different from its competitors.

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