Business Research Methodology: Future Challenges Essay


Describe about the Business Research Methodology for Future Challenges.



I am working in a catholic educational college which is located in Queensland; the college is affiliated with a catholic educational group. I am working there since the year 2010. The school is mainly focused on educating children of age group 7-12 years.

Section - 1


The value of the organization consists of educating children's about the culture and religion along with the science and technology. Providing a combination of science and technology will benefit the society and country.


The vision of my organization /school is to provide the best education to the children's with full enthusiasm. The school has currently have 10 staffs including me, and all of them are working as faculty members. College is devoted to make it a staff friendly school which will take care of all the aspects of the staffs.(Analoui& Karami,2003).


The mission of this school is to help the students to grow academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. (Analoui& Karami,2003)


Organization strategy is to teach technological subjects along with the traditional and religious education and to become a well-known Institution in upcoming years.(Galvin ,2014),?

As I am working in the educational sector, and involved with teaching students of age group 7-12 years. In the upcoming years, there might be different challenges which we have to face and tackle effectively. I am mentioning some of the challenges which will be effective and necessary to address in upcoming years.

Quality and academic excellence: Providing quality education to the students will be one of the most challenging part for the college. As many schools and college are coming into existence and they are engaged in providing research and psychologically based education. In these case, we will provide quality education to the students so that they can give the best result in upcoming examinations.

Academic talent and workforce structure: The Academic workforce in Australia is aging, currently about 25% educational workforce has an average age of 55 years. Rest about 38 % has an average age of 45 years. The college will have to attract new talents into this sector to overcome the difficulties they may face due to the lack of proper trained educational workforce.

Change management and speed to market: College and universities will have to be more flexible with the changes which they may face in the upcoming years. Current educational industry in rapidly increasing and there are different challenges which they’ll have to face in upcoming years. Some of the critical important changes will be capable of facing the speed of the market. The market is becoming increasingly competitive from both nationally and internationally, universities must address the challenges with and introduce new research based and required education program so that they can attract the students.

Government Policies: Government policies are one of the important factors which may impact the future strategies of the colleges and universities. College’s revenue mainly comes from government financial supports and if the government changes the policies related to the financial support of the educational organizations than they may face the organizations in financial constraints.

Section - 2

Pestle Analysis:

A PESTLE analysis is used to provide prompts to the college management and staff who is involved in the analysis of the changes in the school’s environment that could impact future decision regarding the finance, and planning. It can be used to make more productive and comprehensive decisions regarding the change which will impact the college positively. (Morrison, 2016)


  1. A government initiative creates the risk that the school may fail to deliver the policy or be diverted away from local priorities etc


  1. Closure of the local Industries could impact the number of Students in the school.


  1. Local population change due to any reasons will impact the college.
  2. Inability to attract staffs for the college


  1. Change in set rules and equipment required for the education will impact the college financially.


  1. Change in the funding law
  2. Change in school hour will impact the organization/ college


Any kind of public transportation construction near the school will impact the surrounding study environment.

Section - 3

My current organization is attractive and will be a more attractive destination for the upcoming generation. There are different factors which will drive the educational industry

As per the potter’s five factors,

  1. Competitor.
  2. Bargaining power
  3. Barrier to entry
  4. Threat of the Substitutes
  5. Economic status

Five-Force analysis

Section - 4

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT analysis is a short form of weakness, strength , threats, and opportunities. It is mainly carried out for an organization, place, product and the external factors which are favorable and unfavorable to achieve the goal or objectives. Same way here is also some of the weakness and strength in this college. (Hill, 1997)


They always concern for the people and empathy.
They never abuse or harm any employee working here.
Respect and loyalty for the leaders: In the modern age many of the organization do not have respect and loyalty, but in our organization it`s rare to see having like this and everyone respect all the leader.
Strong principle and ethics. In any organization and ethics and value is important to run the organization in a better way. Here every employee may don’t have a degree in philosophy but everyone has faith life and always conscious about other and also have moral principles.
Have humility and freedom to admit a mistake. Here employee admits their mistakes and corrects them. Here if any people are arrogances they are not encouraged they take it as a bad habit and help them to improve their behavior.


They give less importance to personal and professional development.
They don’t give importance to the goals, performance, and achievement.
One important weakness is that there are many rules and ethics which have to be followed by everyone, for which people have fear in them. So some of the people keep their mouth shut.

Section – 5

Section - 6

Data Sources:

The data and information which I have provided are obtained from different sources. The data provides the average age of the educational workforce is based on the research conducted by the Earnest and Young Organization. Earnest and young, research finding indicate the declining number of educational workforce and challenges which the Educational institutions are going to face.


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