Business Research: Clients And Public Awareness Essay


Discuss about the Business Research for Clients and Public Awareness.


On the basis of the conducted research, it has been analyzed by me that, social networking has been considered as the most relevant and an integral tool for promoting and advertising the products and services of any of the business corporation. Social networking is one of the largest platforms which is held liable in bringing a hike in the sales and profits which indicates a positive stability of the business corporation. It has also been noted that the business entity can gain contacts, clients, public awareness about the products and the services (Dabbagh & Kitsantas, 2012). Even the business enterprises who are into the small business can also take the advantage of this platform.

On the basis of the research executed on the concept, it has been observed that social media is the medium which has been proven beneficial for the business entities in developing the interactions and relations with the customers. The social networking sites are very much capable of getting the feedback from the clients as the sites are easily accessible and also offer convenient mediums to the consumers. By making use of these services users can express their opinions easily. Moreover, this platform has also been considered as one of the costs efficient method as no operating expenses are incurred while making use of these options.

It has been analyzed that the main objective of the presented report is the impacts, the advantages and the disadvantages of social networking sites and the associated platforms. Due to the adoption of the globalization and modernization in the business environment, the business corporations are required compulsorily to make adoption of the emergence of the varied range of technological up-gradations and mechanization. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. are some of the examples of the social networking sites. Moreover, some of the examples of the business corporations have also been mentioned, such as Telstra, which is an Australian business corporation. This business firm has adopted social media as the platform for enhancing the engagement and involvement with their clients and the other stakeholders (Orland-Barak & Yinon, 2007). This will offer a hike to their market share and goodwill and in-turn will experience the increase sales and profits. Moreover, the impacts of the social networking mediums on Telstra and Virgin Australia have also been examined. The below presented is the data which has been collected in the Telstra and Virgin Australia by reviewing their financial reports after the business entities started using the mediums of social networking. Also, the reviews of the workforce were considered significant and their opinions were taken for analyzing the impacts of this platform on the business operations.

Effectiveness and usefulness of the learning experience

I have observed a drastic change in my opinion after analyzing the concept of social networking mediums and platforms. The analysis gave me a clarity about the concept and this clarity presented that the social networking is more than a site. This made a change in the perception that social networking has been proven advantageous for the business entities in various ways. Moreover, this learning experience has made me aware of the concept of social networking and also the impacts of the same on the business environment (Seidman, 2013). This has also gained me with the knowledge about the usefulness of the social media and advantages and disadvantages of the same.

Usefulness of learning process

During the times of my graduation, the only aim was to become an HR manager for Business Corporation. I used to analyze and follow well-known HR manager of some of the multinational corporations so as to learn the basic skills and knowledge of the concept. After gaining this knowledge I realized that I grew up with the knowledge about the concept and felt that I have explored myself to a new level.

With the assistance of the concept of social networking, I explored myself and found that I have made a number of advancements and up-gradations in my skills and capabilities. And also observed that following the same path will aid me in attaining the future goals and milestones of my career.

Moreover, gaining the knowledge about the concept also gave me clarity about some of the areas in my personal life. In earlier times I had stage-phobia, I used to get nervous in front of the crowd while interacting with them. And after exploring the concept I gained the knowledge and confidence. This confidence led me to interact with the crowd and I was feeling comfortable to communicate with them.

Explanation of what happened in learning process

The above-mentioned learning process is focusing on the concept of social networking. I have learned to upgrade my skills and capabilities to a high level. This concept has made me explore myself to a next level. The mentioned concept has also aided me with communicating and interacting with the crowd. I have also become very much active and practical in my social life and which has enhanced my relations on the personal level. Earlier I was not aware of the concept of social networking but after analyzing the concept in details I came to know about the benefits of the concept and also the usefulness of the same. This aided in a number of aspects. I also got aware that there is a number of mechanisms and tools which can be proved beneficial and can aid in developing the necessary skills and capabilities.

Evaluation of learning process

The overall learning process and the executed business research has been made focused and revolved around the concept of social networking which has been considered as the largest platform for promoting the products and services of a business entity. Moreover, the business entity will be aided by the process of communication will be executed with an ease. The concept will make a number of advancements and positive modifications on an organizational and personal level in me. Moreover, it has also been analyzed that social networking will be proven beneficial for the business entity as it can be considered as the connecting bridge or the window to the outside world. This will make the business entity to perform

Explanation of the learning process

The above-mentioned assignment has been analyzed for developing the knowledge about the concept of social networking and also the benefits of the implementation of the concept in the business organization. Moreover, the advantages and the disadvantages of the same are also analyzed which has made positive developments and enhancements in my course and career.

In the limelight of the above-executed analysis, it has been reflected that the social networking has been proven as the medium or the platform for developing connections with the outside world.


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