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Describe about the Business Report on Elite Education Institute.



The Elite Education Institution is one of the most reputed names in the industry of learning management and training of the country. This is an institute that helps the students to attain specific learning and knowledge that they can use to attain better success in their professional lives. This institute has been in the market for the last 27 years (initiated in the year 1989 in Brisbane). The institute started as a centre that gave spoken English and computer crash courses to the students, from which the institute slowly diversified its genre of teaching and soon entered the field of management. In the current times the institute is providing ace and detailed courses on the domains of computers and IT, spoken English and also the vast arena of management. The authorities of the institute however are not happy the ways things have shaped up in the educational centre. They are looking for changes in the way things are being operated (Ee, 2016).

It is in this context that I was appointed by the management of the institute as the consultant who shall provide recommendations for improving the operational pattern of this education centre.


I shall now highlight the current working pattern of the institute under various subheads. Along with the same I shall also make recommendations for future improvement.

System and Processes:

The institute is run on the basis of certain systems and processes. These processes and systems have been there since the inception of the institute and have not really met with many changes. This is seen in the way the attendance of the students are taken and calculated at the end of the session, the way examinations are conducted in the centres and also the classroom management techniques. The infrastructure nature of the institute etc also points out that adequate change for elevating the stature of the institute has not been done.

My recommendation in this context would be to bring about a large percentage of modernization within the institute. The current processes or systems that are either being partially manually handled or fully manually handled must be brought under the regime of systems and processes that are run on the support of machines or ace quality technology. Attendance can be taken by the means of fingerprint recordings, examination halls can be monitored by CCTV cameras and the classroom can be supported by more IT related teaching gadgets.


We now come to the most important aspect of any education institute. The teaching faculty and infrastructure that earlier adhered by the classical concepts of addressing a classroom has also seen very little changes. The teachers make use of the blackboard for writing and instructing the students.

This is a process that needs to be changed. The old teaching tools have to be replaced with the newer ones. In the current times digital whiteboards are brought into use. The management classes are increasingly making use of the projector and presentation screens to reach out to the students better. At the same time other technical support systems like Skype etc are being used where teachers even in a distant location can address the students of your classroom. This can help the students to gain better and wider insights into the subject. These new teaching methods can be adopted by Elite (Ee, 2016).

Student Pastoral Care:

The teachers of the institute have always been very much dedicated towards the needs of the students. In this context we see that the students have always received support for any problem they have had. However the teachers are more concerned with the academic problems of the students. Even the students often approach their teachers or particular academic problem. Other personal problems have never surfaced, nor are the teachers really instructed or even trained to take up any such issue of the students.

However if the teachers in the coming days can aim at strengthening the entire character of the student rather than teaching them specific subjects it can do a world of difference to the students. This attitude on the part of the teachers can do wonders for the student teacher relationship. This in turn can help the teacher to guide the students better.

Workplace Communication:

Communication is clear and transparent in Elite Institute. The teachers have a good idea of the responsibilities that they are to carry out. In the same way the students are also clear about their courses and the time they shall get to finish the syllabus.

However the management of the institute has a certain vision in mind at the time of instructing the teachers. The management of Elite is looking for a certain nature or quality of students passing out of the institute. These students shall be bright, confident, trained and ready to meet the challenges of the world of employment. It is with this vision that the management often sketches the plans and programs of teaching. This vision if shared with the students, then they can be better motivated in their educational courses (Lombardo, 2015).

Staff Management:

In terms of staff management the authorities at Elite are clear about the standards that are to be maintained at the time of recruitment. They are very clear about the kind of teachers they require. These standards are maintained at the time of recruitment. However this same sincerity is not shown in the aspect of further training the recruited teachers.

In this pretext I shall propose well laid out training plans and strategies that can be made for the teachers and the other staff of the institute. This process as a whole can help to improve the overall operational standards of the institute.

Conflict Resolution:

As a learning management and training institute, Elite is supposed to conduct campus interviews that shall help the students to gain employment offers. This is the core area of conflict. Often this conflict occurs between the management and the students as the latter is not happy with the quality of the process.

In the past such conflicts had remain unresolved where the management of Elite and the students did not reach any understanding. This year I feel that the committee that conducts the campus interviews must have at least three representatives from the students. This can help the students also understand the difficulties and the challenges that are faced by the campus interview committee (Ee, 2016).

Rationality for the Recommendations:

The main rationality behind the recommendations is to bring a certain modernity and amicability within the operational standards of the company. Elite is an institute that has been in the market for more than two decades. It has seen a transition in times where text books have been replace d by computers and the computers have been replaced by laptops and the laptops now have been replaced by other devices such as I pads and smart phones. Similarly other changes have also crept in. The systems and processes must be more technology oriented rather than person driven, the teaching styles also must be more technology printed so that the present generation can be interested and involved. Development of the organizational staff shall be the last straw that can bring complete success to the institute and can create a new position of dominance for the institute in the market.


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