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Western Australia is one of the most important stakeholders for the business and the urgency to bring back its Storage Tank online can be well understood. Since the tank has to receive 4 million liters of aviation fuel, a new and updated project plan has to be put in place in order to make the tank ready within the 3-week deadline. This decision will require extra effort and time from the project engineers and developers so that the functional aspects of the storage tank will not be compromised in any manner (Burke, 2013).

The biggest challenge that the project team will face is due to the limited availability of time to make the tank operate effectively. Its enormous size makes the inspection aspect slightly challenging for the team. But the best technical models and professionals will be assigned to work on the project so that all the key areas of the tank can be thoroughly checked within the stipulated time frame. Since high regard is given to the quality of service delivery, the involvement of a significant number of workers on the storage tank project is a possibility (Kerzner, 2013). Due to the urgency of the business situation of Western Australia, the best and most effective inspection technique will be applied so that the business does not suffer financial damage.

In order to tackle the project issue, the most competent members will be asked to study the unique specifications of the model so that the chances of error during testing can be effectively managed by the project team. Storing of 4 million liters of fuel is quite a large quantity so; after the technical mechanisms are conducted a dummy test would be carried out just to check that there is no possibility of a leak in the storage tank (Larson & Gray, 2013). If such a scenario arises then the problem area would be identified and it would be altered and corrected using the updated technical models so that in the real life scenario such a situation can be prevented. After the test and corrective measures are taken, the key members of the project will have to make a report on the internal specifications. It is a regular checking mechanism that is followed by the team to identify any undetected issue in the model.

At the final stage, a second testing of the storage tank would be carried out so that all the areas of the project work can be assessed a final time to ascertain its capability to store a high quantity of aviation fuel. It might be difficult to accommodate the changes in the master schedule that you originally planned for the tank of Western Australia, but due to the seriousness of the situation, the planning of the specific project would be restructured so that the desired objective of bringing the storage tank online can be accomplished (Schwalbe, 2015). Best models will be implemented in the task to identify the possibility of any storage flaw in advance so that once it goes online, it can effectively function to store large quantities of fuel.


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