Business Problems And Opportunities Essay


Discuss about the Business Problems and Opportunities.


Important sections

The block 2.3.4 and 5 are the most important section of the survey as it helps the headhunters to identify the expertise of each of the potential candidates. These are close-ended questions, which will identify the suitable candidates for the employer. These sections will add value to the survey as matching the requirement of the employer is the basic need of the headhunting organizations (Bryman and Bell 2015). This will ease the process of grouping of the candidates based on their preferences. The purpose of the survey is to identify suitable candidates in the survey and identify the candidate personas so that the appropriate organization can approach the candidates.

Business problems and Opportunities addressed

In the present world of globalization, the potential employees have some basic needs and expectations form their employers. The survey consists of questions that have addressed all the essential needs, objectives and expectation of the potential candidates in to the organization. Moreover, the survey consists of questions, which will identify the personality of the candidates. The personality is important in today’s global organization as attitude towards work is important. It is essential for the headhunting organization to identify whether the potential candidate has the right attitude and personality to fit in to the culture of the organization (Sekaran and Bougie 2016). Moreover, most of the organizations are entering the global market and so the need for skilled workforce has increased significantly. It is difficult for the organization to find suitable candidates for their workforce and generally, companies have to spend a lot of capital on human resources to hire capable employees. Thus, the survey will help to reduce the work of the human resources department and save time. Thus, the organization will be able to reduce their capital expenditure in the capital structure and thus, the profit margin of the organizations will increase (Hair 2015).

Research questions

  • What is your satisfaction level with the courses offered in your university?
  • What are the factors that will influence the career goals of the organization?
  • What is your present role in your organization and what are the significant changes that you expect in your organizations?
  • What is the impact of quality of the university on the skill level of the employees?
  • What is the significance of the influence of university on the mindset of the employees?

Decision statements

The three main decision statements that has lead to the formation of the questionnaire are as follows:

  • Identification of the career goals and objectives of the potential employees
  • Identification of the desired working sector and field of expertise
  • Identification of the current role of the person in their respective organizations

Types of companies

The types of companies, which will be interested in this survey, are retailing, insurance, finance, marketing, manufacturing, hospitality, research, development, and healthcare. However, the survey mainly addresses questions related to management, finance, marketing and accounting sector and so companies who are looking for suitable employees in the above given departments will be benefited the most (Panneerselvam 2014).


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