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Discuss about the Business Plan for Private Communication Corporation.



The Company has built up a one of a kind telephone utility that empowers shoppers to participate in two-way phone discussions, utilizing standard phones, without either party risking uncovering their actual telephone numbers.

DirectReach, is the first product which was developed by the PCC organization that will be propelled in the April 2008. Utilizing a complex exchanging framework and exclusive programming, the Product will empower clients to get phone approaches any assigned phone line, through a without toll number and private augmentation. The Product gives three imperative advantages that address the objective end client's needs: protection, adaptability, and accommodation. (Covello, 2008)

The Product of the organization is the full-included call-administration benefit backings numerous augmentations, a few call-taking care of alternatives, and phone message. At the point when a client sets up a record, he or she is conceded an individual augmentation number that can be allocated to a particular phone number, for example, a home, office, or cell number. The expansion number will be giving others, the directReach that is conjunction without toll number, the client can get telephone calls and participate in absolutely private, unknown phone discussions.

The administration is completely adjustable, enabling the client to arrange the support of meet his or her one of a kind needs. The client controls all the Products that includes through an entire administration framework on the Web or through a simple to-utilize Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone interface. (Philip, 2014) With the help of the control system, the clients can easily do below things:

  • Modify the calling plans that are based on monthly basis and review the usage of the account.
  • Check for the new messages and customize the voice mail for the product.
  • Obtain the new extensions and terminate the new and old extensions for the product
  • Different times will be receiving numbers for the different program.
  • Indicate the getting number, and alter that number at whatever time.
  • With the help of using credit card, activate and register the product. (Luster, 2014)

The product programming and item configuration are restrictive to PCC. This enables the Company to offer such imperative components as usability, adaptability, and comfort for both the guest and the client. With access to all components through a simple to-utilize interface, the client can have finish control over the calls he or she gets. The capacity to change various calling choices enables clients to adjust the support of their timetables and requirements every day. Likewise, clients and their associates may call each other whenever, without having to first prearrange or facilitate a call.

Business Environment Analysis

SWOT analysis will get divided into the two parts (External and Internal Analysis). Weakness and Strength will focus on the Internal Analysis where as Threats and Opportunities will focus on the External Analysis. (Deetz, 2010)



  • Loyalty based on the Client
  • Quality of the products
  • Global Recognition and Strong Market Position


  • Overdependence in Florida
  • Self-Cannibalization
  • Products are very expensive



  • Creation of the New Distribution Channels
  • Advances of the Technology
  • Emerging Markets Expansion


  • Created countries Economy
  • Volatility of the Price
  • Competition will get Increased


Loyalty Based on the Client: PCC has a religion taking following status among clients and they additionally have actualized a faithfulness based program to drive the reliability with Rewards programs of PCC and Card of PCC. The PCC Card is the card program that is very esteem and provides underpins gifting, comfort and expands the store visit recurrence through incorporated and cardholders with application that are versatile.
Quality of Products: PCC provides the most astounding significance to the nature of their items and maintain a strategic distance from institutionalization of their quality notwithstanding for higher yield.
Global Recognition and Strong Market Position: PCC adequately use the brand equity that is rich by licensing their brand logo and merchandizing the items. Such of the brand acknowledgement and solid market position enables the company for increasing the competitive advantages by further improving the universal markets and furthermore help in enrolling with higher development in both global and residential markets. In past years, they have proficient huge sale in the economies with predominant relationship with the suppliers and circulation channels. (Hatch, 2003)


Overdependence in Florida: PCC will create the huge percentage of the total revenue from the markets of Florida so that it is very sensitive to growth and economy of Florida. Self-Cannibalization: High immersion and forceful development due to wide congestion in the market that prompts self-cannibalization and diminishes ultimately the growth targets which are based on long term and focuses of PCC. Products are very expensive: While PCC differentiates the product items with very quality espresso combined with the whole 'PCC Experience', in times of the monetary retreat, buyers may be slanted to buy contender products with the lower costs to do without paying the premium. The prices are premium for the product and could pose some of the weakness for succeeding it in the developing nations. (Putnam, 2005)
Creation of the New Distribution Channels: PCC has the great opportunity for expanding in future the end distribution systems for the product and they could drive more of the revenue is execution of the project is a success. They can leverage the efficiencies, financial powers, experience and size for making the new share of the market. Advances of the Technology: The usage of the mobile application is the leveraged that PCC has given and has some partnership investment. The application of PCC has integrated the payment application of mobile with their product. This makes it a convenience process for the clients and adjusts client loyalty through programs of reward. These will builds the use of the process ease for aligns of the clients and customers loyalty with the help of reward programs. This is a growing field and would drive more business to their stores as technology advances. Emerging Markets Expansion: The immersion of the expansion and self-cannibalization for the Florida showcase makes it a global methodology considerably more imperative. PCC has made them great advances into various nations, with India as they are the late joining rundown with the passage of joint wander. (Schulz, 2004)
Created countries Economy: In an inexorably and incorporated world of monetarily, the emergency of monetary like in 2008 and could have the impact of stream down from the markets of creators to creating markets. This is the risk that hurt incomes for the organization PCC as shoppers move from items that are premium and blend for remaining in restricted plans for spending amid financial hardships. Volatility of the Price: Huge variances in the market costs of espresso beans, which PCC can't get control Competition will get Increased: This is the long shot and greatest danger that PCC faces with being in the market for develop the arrange, there is expanded weight on PCC from its rivals. Thus organization will have to make sure about the competitors in market for their products. So, they have to maintain and build unique features to their products. (Wattanasuwan, 2005)


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